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Viveve (Vaginal Rejuvenation) in San Francisco, CA

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Bay Area Cosmetic Dermatology is thrilled to offer our female patients Viveve (formerly known as Geneveve). This noninvasive vaginal rejuvenation treatment was specifically designed to improve women’s well-being and quality of life.

Many factors can lead to changes in women’s bodies including pregnancy, childbirth, and the normal aging process. Using cryogen-cooled monopolar radiofrequency (CMRF) energy, -Viveve stimulates the body’s natural collagen formation. This, in turn, leads to a decrease in vaginal laxity and urinary stress incontinence, as well as an increase in lubrication, arousal, and orgasm.

Our nurse, Mary Krempa, RN specializes in and is an experienced provider for this exciting treatment. Unlike similar technologies which require several treatments, Viveve can make a significant difference in just one visit! 


Women who are unhappy with the vaginal effects that aging or childbirth have had on their bodies could
benefit from treatment with Viveve™. Some signs Viveve™ might be right for you include vaginal laxity, a lack of sensation during intimacy, or uncomfortable dryness. If you have any of these symptoms, schedule a complimentary phone consultation by using the contact form on this page. 

Most women are candidates for Viveve.  Exceptions include those who are pregnant or breastfeeding or have a pacemaker or other implanted heart device, an active vaginal or cervical infection, or a recent history of positive Pap smear. 


Prior to your Viveve treatment, Mary Krempa, RN will call you to discuss the treatment, answer any of your questions, and determine if you are a candidate. On the day of your treatment, you will start by reviewing and signing the informed consent for treatment. We will then provide you with a robe and blanket to make sure you are comfortable and warm during the procedure.

Your treatment will be performed in one of our private treatment rooms by Mary Krempa, RN. The treatment takes about thirty minutes to complete and is completely painless. Some patients report a warm sensation, but no discomfort. Many patients read or use our patient iPad to watch movies or listen to music during the procedure. The Viveve treatment is quick but effective.


The Viveve procedure is noninvasive. This means there are no incisions or needles involved. You can return to all activities, including vigorous exercise, immediately following treatment. We do recommend abstaining from intercourse for 48 hours to allow for optimum results.

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