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Registered Nurses

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Image of Katie McCormick Katie McCormick

Katie McCormick

Registered Nurse

Katie McCormick is a registered nurse and holds her bachelor of science in nursing as well, offering decades of medical and dermatology experience.

Image of Stacey Baenen Stacey Baenen

Stacey Baenen

Registered Nurse

Stacey Baenen brings many years of experience in medicine to our practice, offering 20 years of nursing and exceptional treatment to each patient.

Image of Mary Krempa Mary Krempa

Mary Krempa

Registered Nurse

Mary Krempa is a Registered Nurse and valuable asset to our team, extending her compassion and cosmetic dermatology knowledge to every patient.

Image of Yvonne  Faucher Yvonne Faucher

Yvonne Faucher

Registered Nurse

Yvonne Faucher is a Registered Nurse at Bay Area Cosmetic Dermatology with years of experience in skin treatments and compassionate patient care.

Image of Roxanne Krempa Roxanne Krempa

Roxanne Krempa

Lead Body Sculpting Specialist

At our Bay Area Body location, Roxanne Krempa offers excellent managerial expertise, as well as provides exceptional body sculpting treatments.

Image of Lyndsey Farrell Lyndsey Farrell

Lyndsey Farrell

Body Sculpting Specialist

Lyndsey Farrell is a valued, highly-qualified medical professional at our Bay Area Body location who is skilled in body sculpting procedures.