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Dr. Kathleen Welsh and The Body Clinic at Bay Area Cosmetic Dermatology combined two of their favorite treatments, Vanquish ME and BTL EMtone, into one powerful fat reducing treatment called the Vanquish Ultra. The result of this combination has offered our patients maximum fat reduction capabilities over a more global treatment area while adding in additional skin tightening. 

Vanquish ME's patented radiofrequency (RF) technology promotes death and shrinkage of fat cells via apoptosis without damaging surrounding tissues such as skin and muscle. Once the fat cells have been compromised, your body flushes the lipids via your lymphatic system. The EMtone is a noninvasive treatment delivering a combination of both radio frequency and targeted pressure energy to add further fat reduction and skin tightening results. 


People of all ages and skin types who want to improve areas where diet and exercise have plateaued can treat with Vanquish Ultra. However, if you are pregnant, have any metal implants or a pacemaker we cannot treat with this particular technology. The specialists at The Body Clinic at Bay Area Cosmetic Dermatology are experts at helping you to determine which fat reducing treatment is right for you and your goals.


  • As with all of our body services, during a Vanquish Ultra treatment one of our body sculpting specialists will lead you to a private treatment room, provide you with a robe if desired, and make you comfortable.
  • You will begin with a 20 minute EMtone treatment done with your provider in the room. This treatment is loud so we suggest bringing headphones to listen to music or a podcast. 
  • Next your specialist will arrange the Vanquish hand piece several inches above the area to be treated. During this treatment, you will feel an increase in heat.
  • Periodically, your specialist will check on you to ensure you are comfortable; if you are experiencing any hot spots, they will adjust the Vanquish to minimize discomfort.
  • Your body specialist will wrap up your procedure with a quick, three-minute ZWave Pro session at no additional cost. We are the only office in the Bay Area using this combination and our patients have loved their results!

There is no pain associated with the Vanquish Ultra treatment, only a sensation of heat. Patients find the sessions relaxing and pleasant.


Patients have reported visible improvements after their second Vanquish Ultra session but it is common to see gradual, continued improvements over the six months following treatment. As with all of our treatments, maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regimen and drinking plenty of water will help enhance lasting results. 


Most people need to complete a series of six Vanquish Ultra, administered approximately fourteen days apart, to maximize treatment efficacy.  These treatment intervals are designed to keep you on track with your progress, but can always be adjusted according to your personal schedule.


Be sure to arrive for your Vanquish Ultra appointment well hydrated and in clothing you don’t mind lightly perspiring in. A robe will also be provided. You should drink at least 64 oz of water the day prior, the day of and the day after your treatment to help improve lymphatic drainage. It is also recommended to drink 1 cup (8 oz) of low sodium chicken broth a day for two days prior to treatment. Light physical exercise following your treatment is also recommended for optimal results.


Following treatment, there is no discomfort or downtime. Typical side effects include warmth, redness and minor swelling that subsides usually within 30 minutes. Our staff members at The Body Clinic at Bay Area Cosmetic Dermatology will discuss all possible side effects with you before your treatment.

Please be aware that any metal implants or copper IUD in the area to be treated is contraindicated.


The Vanquish Ultra shrinks fat with no pain and no downtime. If you would like to shrink fat on large areas on your waist, abdomen, thighs, and back call and schedule a complimentary body sculpting consultation with one of the leading specialists in San Francisco at The Body Clinic at Bay Area Cosmetic Dermatology.

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