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Offered at Bay Area Cosmetic Dermatology since 2012, Clear + Brilliant has become a popular corrective laser treatment with our San Francisco patients. With minimal downtime, this treatment improves tone and texture and gives the skin a radiant, youthful glow. This gentle, non-invasive treatment also reduces the appearance of pores, leaving your skin smooth and soft. Working in tandem with the specialized Perméa handpiece, C E Ferulic® by SkinCeuticals — a topical product applied immediately after the laser treatment — penetrates deeply into the skin to optimize results, helping redness and swelling to dissipate quickly. Bay Area Cosmetic Dermatology patients find, with a series of treatments, Clear + Brilliant Permea minimizes the appearance of pigmentation caused by both sun damage and melasma - which is notoriously difficult to treat.


For the patient who would like smoother, firmer skin with smaller pores, the original Clear + Brilliant is a great treatment option. Clear + Brilliant is also great for anyone who would like an anti-aging treatment that prevents wrinkles and textural changes. For patients who would like to treat pigment in the skin, Clear + Brilliant Permea is an even better option. Patients may also combine both treatments to effectively target both depths that the two handpieces reach. 

What are the benefits of Clear + Brilliant?

Many people turn to procedures like facelift surgery to revive their appearance and feel better about their skin. Clear + Brilliant is an excellent option for anyone who wants to achieve a youthful glow without plastic surgery or downtime. This treatment is especially ideal for treating a wide range of issues at once. So if you have problems with skin tone and texture, as well as sun damage that makes you feel self-conscious, Clear + Brilliant can help. Bay Area Cosmetic Dermatology patients love the long-lasting results they've experienced from treatment.


A topical numbing cream will be applied by one of our medical assistants 30 minutes prior to your treatment to ensure comfort. After this numbing period, one of our trained RNs will perform your treatment, gently guiding the Clear + Brilliant handpiece across the treatment area. Most patients experience minimal discomfort during the treatment and describe the treatment as feeling a bit hot or “prickly.” Cold air may be used in conjunction with the treatment in order to make the treatment even more comfortable. The treatment time varies depending on the size number of areas treated but typically lasts about half an hour. A topical antioxidant serum will be applied to the skin immediately after treatment. A refreshing biocellulose masque may also be applied for 10-15 minutes after treatment.


Patients may feel hot and have a “sunburned” look typically for 1 hour, and up to 24 hours, after their treatment. Swelling is not common but can occur. It is safe to apply makeup immediately following the treatment to camouflage this appearance. The treatment area will also feel rough or “sandpaper-like” for 5 to 7 days and will exfoliate slowly. Typically, patients report seeing visible improvements following a series of 4 to 6 treatments, although patient experiences vary. Clear + Brilliant treatments may also be used to maintain the results of Fraxel Repair. Our staff will discuss a personalized regime for your to help achieve your goals.

Clear + Brilliant FAQ

Does Clear + Brilliant hurt?

Some patients may experience mild discomfort during the procedure, describing the sensation as “hot and prickly”; however, at Bay Area Cosmetic Dermatology, we will apply a topical numbing cream to the treatment area before we begin to keep you comfortable during the entire procedure. Our experienced RNs will gently glide the handpiece over the treatment area, ensuring maximum comfort and optimal results. We may also incorporate cold air into the procedure to enhance comfort levels.

How long does a Clear + Brilliant treatment session last?

Your treatment session time will vary depending on how many areas you wanted to be addressed, but typically, a session will last about 30 – 45 minutes.

How long is recovery after a Clear + Brilliant treatment?

Patients may experience a “sunburned” look for 1 – 24 hours after their treatment and minor swelling. The treated area will feel rough for up to a week as the skin exfoliates, but you can go back to your normal routine immediately.

When do you see results with Clear + Brilliant?

Most patients will typically see noticeable results after 4 – 6 treatments, although results may vary according to a patient’s skin health.

How long do the results from Clear + Brilliant last?

Depending on age, skin condition, skin health, and how well you protect your skin, many can expect their results to last for months. At Bay Area Cosmetic Dermatology, we may recommend a maintenance session every 2 – 3 months according to your skin’s needs.

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