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Belotero Balance® is a dermal filler approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to temporarily smooth and plump moderate to deep facial wrinkles and folds. Dr. Kathleen Welsh and Dr. Andrea Hui Austin use Belotero Balance® to fill in the lines that run from the side of the nose to the corners of the mouth called the nasolabial folds, as well as the fine lines on the upper lip and around the mouth. Composed of hyaluronic acid, a natural acid substance that is produced by the body, Belotero Balance® is a safe and effective way to treat the signs of aging. What sets this filler apart from the rest is that it is versatile - able to lift and fill deep facial folds while soft enough to treat delicate, etched smile lines and vertical lip lines. Patients in the San Francisco area who are concerned about age-related volume loss as well as fine lines and wrinkles, should schedule a consultation at Bay Area Cosmetic Dermatology to learn more about Belotero Balance® and our many other injectable wrinkle treatments.

Who is a candidate for BELOTERO BALANCE?

Belotero Balance® provides the best results for patients with moderate to severe lines and wrinkles, as well as those with hollowed out areas in the face due to volume loss caused by aging or weight loss. This filler is especially useful for those with severe wrinkles between the nose and mouth, nasolabial folds, and aged skin around the corners of the mouth and above the lips.

Dr Austin is an absolute expert in cosmetic dermatology….. the best! Her skills with fillers are amazing…. It’s definitely an art and she’s the artist! She is such a beautiful and kind person as well! Love her.

A.A. Google

I have been seeing Dr. Austin for 4 years now. I initially saw her when I was experiencing some difficult to treat acne in my early 20s. She listened to my concerns and really educated me on proper skin care. Since then she has continued to help provide new products/recommendations based on my needs at that time. I have also been seeing her for filler and botox treatments for the past two years. She has always listened to what I wanted and given me incredible results. She keeps things natural and really has an amazing eye for the face and facial structure. Beyond her work, she is a really incredible doctor. Her bedside manner is unparalleled and she is always evidence based in her practice. She is a beautiful person who works hard to help others feel beautiful. 11/10 would recommend.

A.S. Yelp

Dr. Welsh is amazing! I’ve been seeing her for many years! She doesn’t inject anything too much and always makes you look pretty and natural.

E.M. Google

I began noticing signs of aging in my late 30s. Being a dermatologist myself, I was aware that lost volume could be restored with fillers. It’s crucial to entrust your face to a professional whose results consistently deliver a natural look aligned with your goals.About six years ago, Dr. Hui administered fillers to my cheeks, and the effects endured for many years. Recently, I realized that I needed some enhancements, so I traveled from New York to California to see Dr. Austin. This time, we added a few more syringes to my temples and chin, significantly improving my facial harmony. Even when I showed up at work tired after an overnight flight, I received numerous compliments about my rejuvenated appearance!!!Dr. Austin’s expertise in facial anatomy, artistic proportions, and the quality of different fillers is unparalleled. Moreover, her advice on skincare, prevention, and maintaining youthful skin is invaluable. Plus, she is a pleasure to be around, that makes the experience both enjoyable and informative.

V.K. Yelp

Always friendly and professional. Dr. Austin has an artistic eye. I appreciate her "we can always do more later" approach, which is allowed me to try things out, take small steps, and feel confident with my decisions. I always leave the office feeling and looking 10 years younger!

J.H. Yelp


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What to Expect During BELOTERO BALANCE

Belotero Balance® is a quick and simple procedure that is performed by our board-certified dermatologists. As with all of our dermal fillers, a medical assistant will apply a topical numbing cream to your skin prior to injection. Then one of our dermatologists will use a fine needle to inject Belotero Balance® into the areas of your face that need extra support or plumping. 

How long is recovery after BELOTERO BALANCE?

During a treatment with Belotero Balance®, only minimal discomfort is typically reported. After the treatment, there may be some redness and mild swelling in the injection area, but these side effects usually go away within a day. There is little to no downtime following the injection, so the majority of patients are able to return to their normal day-to-day activities. After receiving Belotero Balance®, most patients will notice an immediate difference in their appearance and results typically last six months or more.

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