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We’ve offered various LED light therapies for years in our dermatology practice. We’re now excited to offer the same healing technology, designed for the whole body! Prism Light Pad treatments rejuvenate, accelerate recovery, reduce inflammation, and increase collagen production from the neck down.

Whether you’re looking to reduce soreness after a particularly hard workout or speed up post procedure healing, the Prism Light pad is a comfortable, relaxing service with zero downtime. Can be scheduled as an add-on to almost any cosmetic dermatology or body sculpting appointment. Especially well-suited after treatments such as Morpheus8, Fraxel or others to help support the body’s natural healing response and collagen synthesis.


With the exception of those that are pregnant or have epilepsy, almost anyone can safely treat with the Prism Light Pad. The light emitted by the LEDs does not get excessively nor does it use any UV light waves. Please contact us if you have a specific health condition or are taking any medications that may cause photosensitivity.


The number of treatments will vary depending on the end goal. You should feel rejuvenated after a single 30-minute session. Chronic pain and neuropathy conditions will take multiple sessions to experience optimal results. If you maintain a healthy lifestyle while implementing red light therapy 3-5 times a week, the benefits can be enjoyed for a longer period.


The Prism Pad covers your entire body, from the neck down.


The treatment is comfortable, relaxing with a warming sensation, akin to a warm hug.


No downtime. Come and relax with us and return right back to your day.


Just come hydrated and ready to relax. We’ll take care of the rest!

My family and I see Cynthia for our skin cancer screenings, botox, and filler. She is so detail oriented, kind, artistic, and lovely. We really appreciate her work.

M.K. Google

Dr Walsh is a five star person and doctor. I just love her work and she's absolutely delightful.

J.K. Google

Dr. Austin is, without a doubt, the most talented doctor I’ve ever had the pleasure of consulting. Her knowledge extends far beyond traditional dermatology - in her words, it’s her job "to not just know about the skin, but everything going on underneath it." If you’re looking for someone who truly cares, look no further.I bounced through dermatologists and medspas for decades, until I found Dr. Austin seven years ago. I came to her with the goal of "feeling confident without makeup." She’s helped me achieve that, and so much more. I now live outside of the Bay Area, and drive a couple hours each way to see her. Totally worth it. I’d take a cross-country flight to see her (and you should, too).She’s constantly reading new research papers, and gathering more information for her ever-expanding arsenal. She’s done extensive research specifically to support my needs better - as she does for every single client. She’s more informed than any doctor I’ve ever been to, and I seek out her opinion on every medical issue I face. Her work IS the cutting edge of medicine.My dandruff is gone. My keratosis pilaris is gone. My eczema is gone. My dark circles are gone, and my hair is thick again. My dry skin is finally manageable, after decades of struggle. I can go foundation-free if I want. My botox and fillers are flawless and understated, and my face is beautifully symmetrical. I’m aging gracefully (and look much younger than my peers, thanks to her!). I genuinely trust her advice more than the advice of my friends and family, and wish I had found her sooner.She’s encouraged me to pursue the diagnosis and treatment of multiple autoimmune conditions that were affecting my whole-body health, including Hashimoto’s, POTS, and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. Where some doctors lack in understanding, she excels. She’s suggested more effective workouts, simple routine changes, and medical-grade products that have saved me thousands of dollars.At this point, I give her a budget and let her do whatever she wants. She carefully respects my financial constraints, and addresses my needs without judgement. Her office isn’t cheap, but I find that every single treatment is far more effective than any other office I’ve been to. The lasers available at her office are some of the most advanced in the country. She administers injectables artfully, and does more with less. Everything is heavily based in science - and it really, really works.I have no doubt that Dr. Austin will continue to receive well-deserved accolades and recognition. I know I’m seeing one of the best dermatologists in the world, and I am so grateful. I can’t sing her praises enough.I’m honored to be in her care, and consider myself blessed to have gained a wonderful friend in the process. It makes me a little emotional to write this review, because she’s truly changed my life so much.Thank you, Doctor Austin! I can’t wait to see you next!

K.E. Yelp

I completely trust Dr. Watkins to provide the best care and services possible.

K.F. Google

Dr. He is a very skilled cosmetic dermatologist! For several years I have been trying to decrease the natural signs of aging on my face-without success. Until I started to see Dr. He. He accurately pinpointed the simple steps he could take that would achieve the most gratifying results and then expertly followed thru! Thank you Dr. He!

L.K. Google


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