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About Microneedling

Microneedling is a rejuvenation technique that safely promotes collagen growth for healthier, more youthful-looking skin. At Bay Area Cosmetic Dermatology, our preferred microneedling device is the Eclipse MicroPen - a cordless, automated, and handheld device that resembles a typical pen. Its sterile, single-use tip contains 12 extraordinarily small “micro-needles.” The Eclipse MicroPen creates very small “micro-injuries” as the pen sweeps across your skin, stimulating your body’s natural healing response, which increases the production of collagen and elastin. Our experienced registered nurses and our physician’s assistant use MicroPen to treat:

  • Large or visible pores
  • Actinic keratoses, (potentially pre-cancerous rough patches on skin)
  • Loose or lax skin
  • Aging caused by unprotected sun exposure
  • Stretch marks
  • Uneven or blotchy skin tone
  • Acne, injury, and surgical scars
  • Fine lines and some deeper wrinkles

The result is improved skin tone, texture, and a better overall complexion. Eclipse MicroPen is a safe treatment for most skin types, including sensitive skin.

Best Candidates

Microneedling is most often used to address skin blemishes and signs of aging (wrinkles, lines, scarring, and more) without surgery. Microneedling can be performed on the face, neck, arms and décolleté. Since microneedling allows improved absorption of creams, gels, and serums, talk to your nurse or physician’s assistant about the best products to use after the microneedling treatment. These can include bleaching or lightening serums, vitamin C, or hyaluronic serums to accelerate results.

What to Expect

Prior to the procedure, the treated area is cleaned and a thin layer of a topical gel is applied to numb the skin. The registered nurse or physician’s assistant will then run the micropen across the treatment area. Most patients find the procedure quite tolerable but you may feel a prickling sensation. The micropen creates tiny holes, known as “microchannels,” which will close almost immediately, triggering a healing response. This results in renewed skin, including a thickened dermis, which will soften the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and scars. The procedure takes around thirty minutes to an hour to complete. You can expect the treated area to appear bright red, similar to a sunburn, immediately after microneedling. The redness can last anywhere from a day to up to a week. The intensity and duration of the redness are dependent upon the number of passes performed on the treatment area, as well as the particular area treated.

Other Considerations

Right after the procedure, your skin may be red and swollen. Then, over the course of a few weeks, you will see a marked improvement in skin’s color, tone, and texture. In addition, there will be a reduction of lines and wrinkles. Microneedling is also effective in diminishing acne and traumatic scars and stretch marks. A patient’s appearance can continue to improve up to six months following initial treatment. While some patients benefit from a single treatment, two to three treatments are advised to get the best possible results. One of our registered nurses or our physician’s assistant will work closely with you to develop a treatment plan that addresses your unique needs.

Bay Area Cosmetic Dermatology is beyond my expectations. Dr. Hoi and Dr. Welch provide excellent care. I've suffered from acne for most of my life. Dr.Hoi provided excellent care and Mary works magic with her micropen. I'm so happy I discovered Bay Area Cosmetic. My skin looks so much better, I can't believe it. I am able to feel confident and engage in eye contact. I used to be ashamed and now my skin looks almost perfect. It's unbelievable. A million thanks to Dr.Hoi and Mary. Excellent staff, excellent care.

L.L. Yelp

As an esthetician I deeply appreciate the impecccable 5 star job this office does. Dr Austin has a reputation for being extremely careful and honest with her patients and each botox procedure I have had with her has been flawless. I also have to shout out nurse mary who is a rare gem in this industry. She makes any procedure comfortable-- even microneedling. She is so deeply personable and makes every patient feel special. The supporting staff is always so patient and caring as well... and Monica the esthetician who supports dr Austin is another absolute gem and has a fabulous bed side manner-- this office is unique in its precision with treatments and lovely people to make sure you’re always at ease.

T.Z. Yelp

Dr. Andrea Hui is an absolute miracle worker! I came to Dr. Hui extremely frustrated and defeated because my skin was the worst it has ever been - I had acne all over my chin and cheeks and red scars everywhere. Prior to coming to Dr. Hui, I tried everything to get rid of my acne including different dermatologists, several elimination diets and too many harsh skin care products that wouldn't clear up my skin but would just dry it out. I was referred to Dr. Hui by a friend who had been seeing her for a while and had completely cleared up her skin.I was extremely reassured after my first appointment with Dr. Hui as she was confident that she could help clear up my skin and I completely trusted her because I had seen her results on other people. She put me on a new skin care regimen (that I will never change because the products are amazing) and started me on v-beam laser to help fill in the acne scars. She then had me do a couple rounds of the micro pen to stimulate collagen generation. It has been almost a year now and my skin is completely cleared up - I have not broken out in months and my scars have faded. I cannot thank Dr. Hui enough for renewing my confidence and getting my skin back to the smooth, soft, acne free way it was many years ago. I would recommend any one who is fighting acne to go see her - it is beyond worth it!

L.D. Yelp

I suffer from acne scarring quite significantly on my cheeks. When I went for my consultation, Dr Hui suggested subcision with micropen treatments & said I'd need 4-6. I was incredibly nervous for the first subcision treatment & Dr. Hui made me feel so comfortable and walked me through the process very slowly. Mary who does my micropen also did this, talking to me the entire time and making sure I was okay. I'm now on my 3rd treatment & can honestly say I am seeing an INCREDIBLE difference in the acne scarring. Dr. Hui also prescribed me tretinoin to use topically in between my treatments. I would say by this point I've tried everything on my skin and this is the one thing that has really, really helped me and I would truly recommend it to anyone with the same issues. My acne is gone and my scarring is subsiding significantly. The nurses are so kind and seem to genuinely care for you. The bruising and swelling after the procedure is pretty bad, you'll have marks for around 5-7 days, but after that you'll LOVE the glow your skin has. I'm also using Vitamin C serum as well as tretinoin & WOW, just so happy with my skin. Thank you so much Dr. Hui.

N.D. Yelp

Dr. Hui is a great dermatologist. If you're are in need to fix your skin, go to her. Just one session and you will get hooked on her attention to detail, truthful advice and great array of treatments. As a teenager I struggled with acne and went through accutane, multiple creams and not many good results. Last year I was starting my 30's and was still struggling with some breakouts mostly on my chin and neck (hormonal acne related to PCOS) and uneven texture overall. I couldn't bare to "become an adult trapped on the skin of a teenager" and  found Dr Hui while browsing for "best dermatologist in SF". Since day 1, Dr Hui and her team were amazing, approachable and patient to respond all of my questions. Among many of the services I had were some peelings, dermapen treatments, botox and  hydrafacials. Thanks to a personalized skin routine that Dr Hui created for me, I have been acne free for months! People compliment my new "glowy" skin and I rarely need to wear any makeup. Sunblock, powder and off I go! It's hard to believe I once had troubled skin! The experience of each visit is also remarkable: The office space: beautiful, clean and spacious. A team of ladies on the front desk will check you in and make sure to refill all your home care products. There also an amazing option where they can mail you any cream or product that you need. Comes handy when you cannot escape the office but need to refill your creams. The staff: every nurse and practitioners I've had had been courteous and amicable. Claire has been doing most of the appointments and she's the best! She can guide you through every step and let you know what's the purpose of each treatment, or she can let you enjoy your treatment while you immerse on your thoughts. She seems always on a good mood and very easy to be around. She always checks if I feel comfortable through the procedure and makes sure I address any remaining questions to Dr. Hui. The products: high quality brands as SkinMedica, Obagi and Jane Iredale among others. All the appliances and machines seem to be at their best form and clean! Dr. Hui: really nice, knowledgeable and trustable! She promised me a due date for when I would see results and she was on point! We'll continue working to keep my skin on maintenance mode and preserve beautiful skin.

M.Q. Yelp


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Microneedling is an effective, safe procedure that continues to be a popular skin rejuvenation treatment among our San Francisco dermatology patients. If you are seeking an advanced, nonsurgical way to brighten your skin and create a glowing appearance, we invite you call our office to schedule a cosmetic consultation today. We will create a custom treatment plan that meets your desired goals and aesthetic needs.

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