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About Levulan Kerastick

Levulan Kerastick is a medical procedure that uses aminolevulinic acid and a laser treatment to treat pre-cancers, called Actinic Keratoses (AK)  Most commonly used on the face, and scalp, and neck, the procedure has three steps. First an esthetician treats your skin with microdermabrasion, which prepares your skin for the aminolevulinic acid, making it exfoliated and extra absorbent. Next, a provider applies the kerastick solution to the affected area, which makes the AK cells extremely sensitive to light. The final step is a laser treatment with one of our registered nurses. The light from our IPL or Vbeam laser will effectively destroys only AK cells, keeping the surrounding, healthy skin in tact.  

What to Expect

On the day of the procedure, you may be asked to wear a hat to protect your skin from the sun. The entire procedure, described above, will take about three hours to complete, depending on the size of the treatment area. Following Levulan Kerastick treatment, it is imperative that the the patient avoids the sun and bright lights, as this can damage the newly treated skin. Upon fully completing treatment, patients may experience irritation and redness at the treatment site for up to four weeks.

Learn Your Options

Levulan Kerastick is an effective procedure that treats multiple AKs in just one treatment, saving time while preventing skin cancer. Want to learn more? Schedule a consultation with one of our board-certified dermatologists to find out if you are a candidate for the Levulan Kerastick treatment.

This is my first time seeing a cosmetic dermatologist at 26 yrs old for acne scarring on my cheeks, jawline and some on my temples that I’ve had for well over 8 yrs. I’ve always been super self conscious about it and I think have stopped myself from doing things that I enjoy due to it. I was able to book an appt with Dr. He and he was very reassuring. I might’ve been too comfortable to the point I didn’t ask all the questions I now have as someone hesitant to move forward with any kind of treatment, due to the trauma of previous non cosmetic dermatologist. As a mixed (Asian & black) individual, I’ve always been skeptical about how my skin would be treated since I don’t solely have genes of one particular race (which I’m uncertain if it’s even a factor). With that in mind, I really like that he went over treatment options that would be most beneficial for my skin with minimal to no side effects.I plan to move forward with subcision to get the ball rolling for my scars. I was prescribed products that were pretty pricy. $700 in total with the consultation fee. I also asked about the pricing of each treatment that may be best for me. I don’t think I’m desperate enough to cash out on anything for the sake of my skin without extensive research and consultation but I feel, and from previous reviews I’ve read, Dr. He is highly knowledgeable, takes his patients into consideration and i don’t think this will be for naught. If I know I’m in good hands I will be sure to return. I’m very anxious but very excited to finally give my skin the healing it deserves. So far Dr. He gets 5 stars from me and I’m looking forward to being under his care in the near future. I’ll follow up with this review then :).

M.G. Yelp

This review is long overdue! Dr. Austin is incredible at treating rosacea!! Dr. Austin has been life changing for me and my skin. I found her online from searching frantically for someone for years in the Bay who had experience working with rosacea. Rosacea started for me in my early 30s, what felt like out of no where during grad school. After trying many other things, including strictly cutting out foods that were irritating I was still having intense rosacea breakouts. Dr. Austin took pictures, explained what was happening and we went over my skin routine. I learned how there are different types of rosacea, she explained what can irritate it (which can include natural oils!) and then she gave me a very specific skin care routine with products. I saw results almost immediately after using sticking to the topical routine. I recently saw her after 3 years of sticking to my regimen and my skin has greatly improved. I flare maybe a few times a year with stress but it will usually go away that day with combo ointment meant for rosacea. I have even seen lines on my forehead go away with one of the topicals, an added bonus! She is also very encouraging, has a warm bedside manner. If you have been dealing with skin issues and the confidence behind that look no further, Dr. Austin is worth it!

K.P. Yelp

Great work. I have my son’s wedding coming and as mother of the groom, I wanted my son to be proud of how I look. Cynthia, the Nurse Practitioner along with her assistant Bridget, have really done some nice work. After decades of being in the sun, my skin looks so much than it did. The redness is much paler and the tone is much more even. I had noticed that because of aging, my lips were so much thinner. Not anymore!  It’s all been great, and I can’t wait for the wedding!

A.H. Yelp

Always friendly and professional. Dr. Austin has an artistic eye. I appreciate her "we can always do more later" approach, which is allowed me to try things out, take small steps, and feel confident with my decisions. I always leave the office feeling and looking 10 years younger!

J.H. Yelp

7/16/2020Dr. Austin is absolutely the best dermatologist in the US. I have seen countless Dermatologist from Stanford University to Dr. Obagi in Beverly Hills, none of them were able to help my melasma issue. Dr Austin looks out-of-the-box she’s smart, knowledgeable, self-confident and most importantly very experienced! She’s also a very kind beautiful lady who will listen to you and solve your problem. I am so happy I have found her after years of struggle. She has solved my melasma issue and I’m super happy! The treatment is easy and simple, just couple products for the face and a pill to take orally. She might be able to see you on zoom now that we have this pandemic problem. Do not despair whatever skin problem you have she will be able to solve it I am certain! It’s really refreshing to see doctors with this kind of confidence and experience!The office is impeccable and the staff is very kind and helpful as well.

L.S. Yelp


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Other Considerations

Following Levulan Kerastick, treatment patients may experience some side effects including redness, swelling, scaling/crusting, hypo/hyper-pigmentation, itching, stinging, and/or burning. The side effects should subside within four weeks after treatment. However, should they persist, contact our office immediately. Most patients will not have any aftercare requirements, such as medications, unless directed by one of our dermatologists. 

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