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Healthy, radiant, youthful skin is not just for women! Nearly all of the treatments we offer at Bay Area Cosmetic Dermatology also help men feel their best.

Whether it's a desire to look more relaxed, less stressed, younger or to help boost confidence our team specializes in results driven skincare. We custom design each and every one of our patient's treatment plans to most efficiently reach your goals.

No different than hitting the gym to keep your body in shape, we believe your skin deserves the same attention.

Below are just a handful of some of the more common treatments we recommend for men.

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Our team of skilled medical professionals has the training, experience, and expertise to inject neuromodulators, such as Botox, in a way that compliments men’s facial structure. Neuromodulators are especially effective for “frown lines” between the brows by relaxing these muscles so you look less tired and angry, and more relaxed and confident. Neuromodulator injections are one of our most popular treatments for men because the treatment is quick, safe, and hassle-free but can last up to four months.

We also use neuromodulors injections to effectively decrease migraines, heavy sweating, and jaw clenching. 

Don't like needles? We get it! We offer many ways to decrease comfort and anxiety during treatments. 


As men age, they also lose fat under their eyes, cheeks, and around the mouth. This leads to a more sunken and droopy look through the cheeks and along the jawline. Our providers know exactly where to inject dermal filler so you regain a more youthful look without every looking “plumped” or “overfilled." One of our favorite applications for dermal fillers is along the jawline and chin to create a sharp, masculine profile (ie the Brad Pitt look). 

No one will know what you’ve had done, only that you look less tired and more refreshed. 


According to a survey administered by the The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in 2014, the nonsurgical cosmetic procedure with the highest percentage of male patients was Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), also known as photofacial. At Bay Area Cosmetic Dermatology we use the most advanced IPL lasers to treat redness and pigment caused by sun damage. An IPL treatment can considerably reduce the signs of aging by evening out the skin tone. Our male patients also frequently opt for vascular laser treatments for broken capillaries and redness on the nose and cheeks. With a series of laser treatments plus the right products, our male patients are consistently satisfied with their results.

Bay Area Body Contouring is fantastic. They have an attentive, courteous team of skin angels that can help you change the way you look and feel! Roxanne is an expert treatment specialist. I know because I have been returning to her for over 5 years for all my skin and body needs. I am constantly getting complements and I owe it all to Bay Area Body Contouring. Confidence is priceless. Thank you Bay Area Body Contouring and Roxanne for your dedication to making me look my best!

N.K. Yelp

This review is for Roxanne Krempa and Bay Area Body Contouring.  Roxanne is incredibly knowledgeable on all aspects of body shaping, CoolSculpting, Vanquish and Ultratone.  She has been treating me with Ultratone and Vanquish for the past couple of months and I can really see the difference in my shape.  Roxanne can do a quick assessment; definitely take her advice on which procedures are good for your body.  She has tried them all!.

J.D. Yelp

Older Man Who Has Had over 50 Skin Cancers - Brooklyn, NY - I've known Dr Hui for over 5 years now from the first time I met her I knew she was very special. I've seen her in every aspect as a dermatologist/ Mohs surgeon and now the last few years using Fraxel. If you are looking for a dermatologist who will do the very best for you with the most modern technology then you have to make an appointment with my Doctor Andrea Hui.

B.C. RealSelf

I've been a patient of Dr. Welsh for 20 years. I'm a man in my 70's, and until age 50 had never given a thought to skin care beyond a moisturizer. I've a northern European complexion aging on the California coast. I was originally referred to her by my cosmetic surgeon for laser treatments to augment the healing of scars and hair removal. Dr. Welsh achieved quick results and offered sound advice on skin maintenance which has reversed a lifetime of neglect.  I noticed the improvement immediately.  Her care has been exacting, artful and extraordinary, and my skin - young for my years -  attests to her skill. She has frequently advised against procedures I thought  "maybe should try?" I have reaped  benefits, mainly from fillers Dr. Welsh recommended, including lip enhancement. Most important: Nothing about my appearance has ever looked "altered." My most recent treatment - Hydrafacial - produced amazing immediate results. Her staff is professional and warmhearted.  I'm a big fan!

S.W. Yelp

A miracle in San Francisco!! I moved from the East Coast, and so was fairly spoiled with some of the best cosmetic dermatologists in the U.S. However, now my concern is what on earth I will do WITHOUT Dr. He if he ever leaves the Bay Area. I can't say enough how lucky we are to have someone with that kind of natural artistry with filler here. He both incredibly knowledgeable and patient-focused, tailoring treatments and regimens to fit needs/budget and responding to last-minute skin care "emergencies" or concerns. If you are considering Botox, Filler, laser treatments, or peels and are in the Bay Area, I would DEFINITELY give BACD a call.

?.M. Yelp


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We have many options to address male hair loss at Bay Area Cosmetic Dermatology. Along with our over-the-counter and prescription topicals and supplements for hair growth, our team of dermatologists, our PA, and our registered nurses also offer Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) scalp injections to help stimulate your own hair to grow. Many of our male patients have be able to avoid costly and invasive hair transplant surgery by treating with PRP instead. 


Many of our male patients are bothered by excess hair growth on their backs, shoulders, and other areas. Laser hair removal is a safe and effective option for men who are tired of shaving and waxing. Not only is laser hair removal permanent but it can make a significant difference in a man’s life - saving time and money and boosting self-confidence. Our team of registered nurses use the most state-of-the-art lasers and can even treat facial hair that grows on the neck or outside of the beard line. 

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Many times our male patients first enter our office because their partners have made skin cancer screening appointments for them. And that is a wonderful reason to come to our office! Beautiful skin is healthy and cancer-free. We encourage all of our patients to schedule a yearly skin cancer screening with one of our dermatologists or our PA, regardless of age or gender. But, the best part of scheduling your skin cancer screening at Bay Area Cosmetic Dermatology is that we can address both your medical and cosmetic dermatology needs in one visit.

During your skin cancer screening, our medical professionals will recommend a daily skin care regimen that includes growth factors, antioxidants, sun protection, and moisturization. These products help protect your skin from free radical and sun damage while keeping you looking youthful and fresh-faced. We may also recommend other treatments that your skin could benefit from including lasers for redness and pigment and cosmetic treatments such as dermal fillers. 

Men are welcome!

Find out why men are increasingly seeking nonsurgical cosmetic procedures. Our cosmetic dermatology treatments help you look and feel your best with minimal downtime and subtle, natural results. Call our office to schedule a cosmetic consultation or a skin cancer screening (or both) today!

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