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Z WavePro is a clinically tested Radial Pulse Therapy (RPT) system that uses powerful sound waves to break up cellulite. Although comfortable, the pulses created by Z WavePro are effective at breaking down fibrous connective tissue as well as creating a secondary injury to already ‘injured’ fat cells, speeding up and increasing either fat cell elimination or shrinkage. Our experienced staff at The Body Clinic in San Francisco use Z WavePro to help enhance the results of body sculpting treatments including CoolSculpting, Vanquish, and Exilis Ultra for body.

Additional reported benefits include:

  • Smoother, tighter and healthier-looking skin in the treated area
  • Reduction of the appearance of stretch marks and scars

I was welcomed like a queen! The staff took my jacket and handbag, which relieved my load. I was already feeling weighted by my skin issues, so by allowing me to be escorted into a nice room, free of my belongings, provided an intentional mental attitude to receive the consultation provided by Dr. Hui.Dr. Hui's recommendations were spot on! My daily skin regimen makes my skin feel supple, glowing, and elegant--the prescription for a queen. Thanks, Dr. Hui :).I booked an appointment for a hydra facial by Clare. Oh my goodness. It's was the most thorough cleansing experience I have had in a long time. Clare is professional as well as personable. She explained every procedure which made the experience even more enjoyable. Let's not forget the warm chair and blankets. I didn't want to get up! Oh so sweet and cozy.Thanks to Dr. Kathleen Welsh! Your staff is amazing and represents your vision very well!Fondly,Portia O.

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Dr. Hui is a great dermatologist. If you're are in need to fix your skin, go to her. Just one session and you will get hooked on her attention to detail, truthful advice and great array of treatments.As a teenager I struggled with acne and went through accutane, multiple creams and not many good results. Last year I was starting my 30's and was still struggling with some breakouts mostly on my chin and neck (hormonal acne related to PCOS) and uneven texture overall. I couldn't bare to "become an adult trapped on the skin of a teenager" and  found Dr Hui while browsing for "best dermatologist in SF". Since day 1, Dr Hui and her team were amazing, approachable and patient to respond all of my questions.Among many of the services I had were some peelings, dermapen treatments, botox and  hydrafacials. Thanks to a personalized skin routine that Dr Hui created for me, I have been acne free for months! People compliment my new "glowy" skin and I rarely need to wear any makeup. Sunblock, powder and off I go! It's hard to believe I once had troubled skin!The experience of each visit is also remarkable: The office space: beautiful, clean and spacious. A team of ladies on the front desk will check you in and make sure to refill all your home care products. There also an amazing option where they can mail you any cream or product that you need. Comes handy when you cannot escape the office but need to refill your creams.The staff: every nurse and practitioners I've had had been courteous and amicable. Claire has been doing most of the appointments and she's the best! She can guide you through every step and let you know what's the purpose of each treatment, or she can let you enjoy your treatment while you immerse on your thoughts. She seems always on a good mood and very easy to be around. She always checks if I feel comfortable through the procedure and makes sure I address any remaining questions to Dr. Hui.The products: high quality brands as SkinMedica, Obagi and Jane Iredale among others. All the appliances and machines seem to be at their best form and clean!Dr. Hui: really nice, knowledgeable and trustable! She promised me a due date for when I would see results and she was on point! We'll continue working to keep my skin on maintenance mode and preserve beautiful skin.

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What to Expect

At The Body Clinic, we typically use Z WavePro at the end of CoolSculpting, Vanquish, and Exilis Ultra for body treatments. This adds approximately 3 minutes per area treated. There is an additional cost to add Z WavePro to your body contouring treatment.

Other Considerations

Most patients find ZWave to be comfortable although on more sensitive body parts such as inner thighs it can be a little ‘snappy.’

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Call The Body Clinic at Bay Area Cosmetic Dermatology to schedule a complimentary body sculpting consultation with one of our specialists. Find out how Z WavePro can be added to your body sculpting treatment to give you the best possible results.

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