Our Best Tips for Dry, Cracked Hands this Winter - from our MDs

By: Bay Area Cosmetic Dermatology


Chapped hands are a common winter complaint. Combined with extra Covid handwashing and the drying effects of sanitizer, your hands are likely taking a beating. Here are some of our top tips from Dr. Welsh, Dr. He, and Dr. Austin to heal chapped, cracked hands.


As a habit, I always recommend applying your hand cream of choice directly after hand washing and while hands are still very, lightly damp (go easy on the towel and instead gently pat dry ). My favorite hand cream is Restorasea Pro Intensive Hand Treatment  to help you regain smooth, supple hands. This is one of the few hand creams we carry at BACD because it is so incredibly effective.

If you have persistent or intensely itchy, dry hands consult with one of our providers and use a nonprescription steroid cream such as our Calming Cream , which contains 1% hydrocortisone. I love keeping a jar of this cream in my medicine cabinet as it comes in handy for all sorts of applications (itchy bug bites or irritation after a laser session.)

Follow the hydrocortisone with hand cream to seal in the medicine and let it do it's work. In severe cases of dry hands or eczema, a prescription steroid may be the answer - used only until your hands have started to heal. Another strategy is to follow a repairing moisturizer with Vaseline or Aquaphor (aka "slugging"). 



During these months, eyelid eczema and hand eczema are both prevalent concerns among our patients. The key is consistent moisturization and barrier repair during the dry season to prevent flare-ups.

Lumiere Firm from Neocutis is an exceptional eye cream that builds collagen and helps restore moisture around the eyes. This area is especially sensitive, and when we're dealing with eczema, we want to be sure to use a product specifically designed product. 

Like Dr. Welsh mentioned above, if the eczema is active, you may need an evaluation with a provider and a course of RX cortisone cream to calm everything down. Still, long-term maintenance starts with prevention and barrier protection.



To prevent dryness and eczema of body skin, I recommend moisturizing immediately after taking a (lukewarm) shower while the skin is still damp. My favorite body moisturizer is Restorsea Body Butter. This product contai ns a natural enzyme that helps to gently smooth the dry areas and prevent eczema. For extra-dry patches, mix SkinFix Remedy 911 Ointment in a 50:50 ratio with Restorsea Body Butter. 

Personally, I always carry Restorasea Pro Intensive Hand Treatment in my purse, right next to my hand sanitizer. 

I can't stress enough the importance of moisturizing immediately after washing or sanitizing to prevent hand eczema. 

If you are experiencing an eczema flare, please make an appointment with one of our BACD providers, and we will help you to resolve these pesky winter skin issues!






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