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We value all of our patients and their individual needs. At Bay Area Cosmetic Dermatology, we want you to make the most informed decision to achieve your cosmetic goals. Choosing the best procedure and physician for you is an extremely important decision, and we invite you to read about previous patients’ experiences and better understand the quality treatment you will receive from our board-certified dermatologists. Each of our medical professionals value your journey and want to ensure you feel as comfortable and confident about your decision as possible.

Reviews for Growth Removals and Scars Procedures Near San Francisco, CA

5.0 Review from D.S. Source: Yelp Mar 12 2024

"I've been looking for an amazing dermatologist, and Dr. He is so him! Dr. He removed red spots from my face, and he also removed a really bad looking big growth on my back. Somehow this magician did it all in a flash and without leaving any scaring at all. I know a little bit about the industry--I managed Tenaya Med Spa for years. I sometimes have former clients ask me who I now recommend, and up until I visited Dr. He and Dr. Welsh, I didn't know what to say. But wow, I sure do now--to experience is to believe. Dr. He's no-rush kindness and skill level is the best of the best. Even better than the best! It's so comforting to know that such elite dermatology exists in San Francisco, and especially from such a nice person like Dr. He."

5.0 Review from M.G. Source: Google Nov 10 2023

"Todays visit was very efficient - I had a scar worked on by a nurse and got Botox with the doctor."

5.0 Review from I.K. Source: Yelp Feb 18 2021

"Dr. Austin and team have worked with me on my rosacea and severe keloid scarring for several years. These are skin and body issues that other doctors cannot and will not treat.  This clinic specializes in full service patient care. Meaning your medical issue will be addressed as well as the problem that may be causing it. And they work towards restorative care after the treatment. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my skin needs. If you need basic, cosmetic, or restorative skin care - this is where you need to be! I am leaving this review because people suffering from severe skin issues will need guidance on where to go. And we need this kind of expertise and medical care in the Bay Area."

5.0 Review from L.C. Source: Yelp Feb 15 2021

"I have been seeing Dr. Austin for almost 3 years now for acne scars treatment and my skin is totally transformed.  People think I look at least 10 years younger than my age. I would say that my acne scars have been improved by 80% after multiple sessions of tca cross and laser genesis.  Most of my ice pick scars have filled in.  Recently I also had Fraxel laser to improve the shallow scars , black spots, and overall skin texture.  Dr. Austin is amazing and she cares about her patient.  She would call me after the procedure to make sure that I was doing fine.  She also responded very quickly on all my questions related to post-procedure.  Now my skin has been improved further after fraxel laser.  I will continue to see Dr. Austin for other treatments to keep my skin young and heathy so I don’t age.  Thank you Dr. Austin and her team.  I also wanted to express my appreciation for Mary Krempa who has been doing my laser hair removal for.  Now that my skin is so soft.  I am happy with the results."

5.0 Review from H.M. Source: Google Dec 08 2020

"Dr. Austin has changed my life. My skin has significantly cleared up since I started seeing her, I RARELY get any pimples now and thanks to treatments like the Vbeam laser and TCA cross my scarring is very limited. All the staff and Dr. Austin are friendly and kind, it’s always a good experience going in. Dr. Austin remembers details about my life even when I don’t see her for months at a time. I recommend her to any of my friends who ask for skincare advice. My only complaint is that I didn’t start coming here sooner; I didn’t realize what a big difference having a dermatologist approved skincare routine would make!!"

5.0 Review from K.C. Source: Yelp Jun 26 2020

"I’ve been seeing Dr.He for two treatments now (acne scarring and mild rosacea which I didn’t know I had until he pointed it out) and I am very happy with the results so far. Dr.He is very professional, caring, funny, and knows his stuff! It’s hard finding a good dermatologist and after years of searching I’ve found mine. Highly recommend Dr.He!! Treatments: laser, chemical peels, and soon Botox."

5.0 Review from S.D. Source: Yelp Mar 09 2020

"I have been a patient of Kathleen Welsh for a few years now and I will continue to go back to her for years to come. Dr. Welsh helped me clear my severe hormonal acne through both topical medications and oral medications. I have also received laser treatments to clear the scarring and redness caused by my acne. Fr. Welsh is the most understanding, kind, and smart doctor I have seen and I highly recommend her to anyone in anyone in need of dermatology services."

5.0 Review from A.R. Source: Yelp Mar 09 2020

"I'd like to thank Dr. Welsh for providing a second opinion that helped resolve a tricky dermatological diagnosis. She was kind and professional and asked all the right questions. I would definitely recommend her!"

5.0 Review from M.H. Source: Yelp Oct 23 2019

"Most of my life I have had sensitive skin and needed to use some type of product to maintain and keep it from drying out and looking aged. I was having issues so I consulted with Dr. Hui Austin. She gave great advice and provided the right products to make my skin look fresh, clear, and healthy. Happy with my result, my girlfriend who had eczema, then got help from Dr. Hui Austin as well. Since then her pain and flare-ups rarely occur. We both highly recommend the services of Dr. Hui Austin and can't thank her enough."

5.0 Review from H.M Source: Yelp Oct 19 2019

"Let me start by saying, I highly recommend Dr. Steven He! I have severe eczema and have tried everything after seeing multiple doctors (I moved from SF to LA last year). NOTHING has worked. The last physician asked me, "what do you want, nothing will cure it so let's just try another cream". Pretty much the consensus with all doctors -- nothing I can do about it! It's incredibly depressing when people ask you what's on your face, your arms, your legs... my niece always refers to them as "boo-boos". And everyone has advice on how to cure eczema - let me tell you! I have tried every diet, all kinds of supplements, juicing... nothing worked. I have been walking around in LA weather wearing long sleeves all the time because I'm tired of hearing the questions. On a whim, when I'm in SF, I call Dr. Welsh's office. I was desperate for help and the staff offered me to see Dr. He. I went in with low expectations since no other physician has been able to help me. What I didn't realize is the absolute compassion that Dr. He and the staff showed me the moment I walked in the door. I cried as I told the assistant about my eczema. I continued to cry as Dr. He walked in and started talking to me. I'll never forget when he said, "Eczema is a disease, you were born with it, and you didn't cause this!" I told him that I was depressed because and felt bad about it because so many other people have worse problems. He said, "People with eczema suffer the same depression as people with serious diseases." He also told me, "I have something that can cure you." You can imagine my excitement. However, the excitement didn't last long. The cost of the medication (Dupixent) was exorbitant -- 5K per month! We started talking about other treatment plans but Dr. He told me that he would find a way to get me this medicine. He gave me cortisone for the eczema flare-ups, creams and said he'd be in touch. And he certainly was. The same evening, he called and told me to come to the office in the morning and sign paperwork so that I could get Dupixent through a patient assistance program. We would try to make it work, he said. The next morning, the paperwork was all filled out, and all I had to do was sign it. Dr. He spent even more time with me talking about how Dupixent works and said he would do everything to get the medicine for me. I left feeling hopeful. After speaking with the folks at Dupixent, I was, in fact, approved! My first shipment would arrive the following week and I could start the new medicine. It's been over a month, and my skin has already vastly improved from Dupixent. Dr. He has checked in on me consistently to make sure I'm doing OK. I even had some slight reactions and we talked those through and he reassured me that everything was fine. I don't know any physician that would take the extra time and care that Dr. He has done for me. Long story short -- go see Dr. He! Everyone at Dr. Welsh's office is amazing, but I highly recommend Dr. He, especially if you have a serious skin issue and need the care, compassion, and knowledge that he provides. To say he has gone above and beyond is an understatement. He's changed my life. Thank you, Dr He!"

5.0 Review from T.B. Source: Yelp Jun 03 2019

"Dr. Austin is a miracle worker! When I came to her, I was desperate to fix my acne, and I did not even think it would be possible to be a no makeup girl again... Fast forward like 6 months and Dr. Austin proved me wrong!! Not only did pimples stop (even those deeeep boys!), but then she began process of resurfacing my skin to get rid of scarring and leftover redness. I cannot believe how refined the texture of my skin is now!!!! Literally it's like I got a skin transplant, and keeps getting progressively better the longer I stick with our regimen (have been seeing her for years now!). After seeing how much Dr. Austin was helping my acne, I decided to switch to her for all my injectable needs too... holy crap. I've been reverse aging ever since !!!!!!!!!!!! She gets max results but is MASTER at keeping it just natural enough   Dr. Austin always takes the time to understand the look I want,  and I feel like a goddess every damn time I leave her office!!"

5.0 Review from S.S. Source: Yelp Feb 11 2019

"I can't believe it took me this long to write a review on Dr. Welsh and Bay Area Cosmetic Dermatology. I have been a patient of Dr. Welsh's going on 10 years and I can't imagine seeing anyone else. When I first started going, the office was a lot smaller, but all the expanding hasn't changed the service I get there. Every time I see Dr. Welsh she is so kind and thoughtful, and she has really changed my life. I have had bad cystic acne since around 19, and she openly admitted I had one of the worst cases she had seen. It was painful and heartbreaking and I thought it was hopeless. In the many years I've been going to her, we have worked together until finally finding treatment that worked well, and I am so thankful. I go a few times a year for laser treatments and fillers for residual scarring (shout out to Nurse Mary who is probably the nicest person on the planet and an absolute wizard with lasers, and she genuinely cares about all of her clients). Dr. Welsh has always been considerate of my budget (I'm a nonprofit worker, while I know most of her clients are probably closer to the 1%) and has worked with me when my skin condition needed more for less. I am lucky to have found them so long ago and can't recommend them higher!"

5.0 Review from S.C. Source: Yelp Dec 10 2018

"I'm 46 and have been planning on visiting a dermatologist for a few years to have an increasing number of broken veins and milia sorted.  Dr Hui was recommended by a friend and I finally made time for an appointment.  What a revelation.  It transpired I have rosacea, not broken veins, and a combination of a monthly tablet and daily cream have basically cleared it up (this has also had the side benefit of reducing irritation I had in my eyes which is also caused by rosacea, so double win).  I had eczema on my face in my 20's and have always been very wary of new skincare regimes after finding a handful of over the counter creams that didn't aggravate it.  Dr Hui prescribed and provided samples of a proposed regime which within days cleared up some inflammations and made my skin look 10X better.  I've now had 2x laser for light resurfacing and to sort a few veins that became visible when the rosacea cleared.  It requires a few days working from home/weekend (I look a bit like a chipmunk for 4 days), but the impact on my skin texture and tone is incredible.  I've dropped all but a touch of concealer (vs full foundation) and there is a noticeable improvement in small wrinkles as well.  All in all, I wish I'd done this 10 years earlier!!  Dr Hui has a fabulous manner, is super efficient, and works with your schedule in terms of treatments/what you can incorporate into your working life.  I cannot recommend her too highly."

5.0 Review from V.C. Source: Yelp Jun 06 2017

"Bay Area Cosmetic Dermatology and especially Dr. Hui is the best dermatologist around!! Anything concerning the skin go to Dr. Hui - absolutely 1000% worth the investment.I first went to Dr. Hui due to a psoriasis flare up and I wanted to have a skin consultation since I am getting married. I had suffered from psoriasis for the last 10 years, visiting multiple dermatologists, with an itchy scalp, skin flakes constantly. Dr. Hui quickly identified that the reason I was not getting better is that I have psoriasis along with seborrheic dermatitis. She took the time to explain to me exactly what that meant, tips for avoiding flare-ups and prescribed a treatment plan that fits in with my lifestyle. At no point did I feel rushed and Dr. Hui took the time to answer all the questions I had. Fast forward 4 weeks later, I am completely cleared of all scaly patches and I am no longer reliant on using topical steroids daily for the first time in 10 years. I can even wear black without fear that white flakes would show up all over my clothes. I wanted to lighten the hyperpigmentation around my face due to earlier years of sun damage and Dr. Hui recommended the IPL (Intense Pulse Light) laser treatment. She even took the time to explain why she was recommending the IPL as oppose to other laser treatments so I was informed when making my decision to go ahead with the treatment. After 1 session the majority of my hyperpigmentation is gone! My skin has never looked better. Just this week, I went on a trip and unfortunately developed a large rash all over my body. I was able to call the office and they were very accommodating to getting me an appointment that same day. I went to see Dr. Hui again and it turns out I contacted scabies. Dr. Hui was once again able to put me to ease and recommend an effective treatment plan. It has been about 2 days and I am already starting to see my skin clear.My fiance also sees Dr. Hui for eczema and also had amazing results. Similarly, he went to another doctor before Dr. Hui and never was able to achieve clear skin without skin lesions. After seeing Dr. Hui my fiance's eczema is under control. Dr. Hui is so extremely knowledgeable, caring and patience that you do not have to worry about going to multiple doctor visits without any results and being rushed out the door. I wish I had heard of Dr. Hui and Bay Area Cosmetic Dermatology years earlier. The amount of savings due to having an effective treatment plan and having a doctor that truly cares about your results is invaluable. So thank you to Dr. Hui and Bay Area Cosmetic Dermatology."

5.0 Review from A.R. Source: Yelp Apr 04 2017

"First of all, I want to thank Dr Hui, who has transformed my skin.  I have rosacea/acne/eczema (and some other stuff...).  I am a doctor myself, and I had tried everything.  I had been to numerous dermatologists for lasers and prescriptions creams.  I did my research, and I felt like I was following the most up-to-date medical guidelines for my skin and still nothing was getting better.  As my skin got worse, I tried Eastern medicine, accupuncture, and regular facials.  I was spending too much money and time, but beginning to feel like I wanted to hide because of how bad my skin had gotten.  When I read the reviews, it just seemed too good to be true.  It's not - Dr Hui is really worth the hype!  As soon as I walked in to the clinic, I noticed that all their patients had beautiful, glowing skin.  If anything can advertise their results, it's just sitting in their waiting room.  Then, I met Dr Hui: she is smart, attentive to details, and confident.  She gave me time to explain and listened attentively.  I had follow-up questions after the appointment, and she responded within hours.  Basically, as a doctor myself, I can say that she is pretty much everything you could want in a doctor.  Dr Hui prescribed a super simple regimen along with laser treatment.  Although all of the products are helpful, I want to comment on their own clinic rosacea cream, which is uniquely incredible: it is gentler and more effective than any of the prescriptions that I'd tried.  Within 2-4 weeks, I saw an improvement: the bumps were gone, the redness was minimal, and the scaling just disappeared.  It's been 2.5 months, and my skin just keeps getting better and better.  And I've even noticed that I'm getting my glow back. I know it's daunting to come to a dermatologist, and it can be expensive.  This is worth it!  I can't say enough about how grateful I am for what Dr Hui has done for me. I wish I had come in sooner."

5.0 Review from M. Source: RealSelf Mar 02 2015

"Innovative Keloid Scar Treatment - San Francisco, CA - Dr. Hui was very pleasant and professional from the first time I met her. The procedure and situation was very delicate but she put me at ease throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend Dr. Hui."
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