Morpheus8 for Body, Post-Partum*

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This lovely patient of Dr. Shannon Watkins was looking for help tightening up her abdomen post-pregnancy.

Dr. Watkins recommended a series of Morpheus to help build collagen along with an at-home topical regimen of Alastin TRANSform and BACD Gentle Tret (.05%).

Morpheus 8 combines the power of micropen (which we've relied on for years) with another technology we've also used for decades: radio-frequency. This combo allows us to accurately target different depths of the dermis to effectively remodel collagen and tissue, as well as spark elastic production.

*Keep in mind, results in one month with only a single treatment aren't impossible but they are not typical. Our expectation is that a series is most beneficial. This patient will complete 3 more Morpheus treatments each a month apart.

Morpheus8 For Body