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Morpheus + Sculptra

This lovely patient of Dr. Austin is only two months out and full results are expected to continue developing over the next few months. But we are always so grateful to share the experience of someone in progress because time, especially in any collagen related treatment, is a vital component.

All that being said, even only after a couple months, this patient is enjoying a reduction in both fine and deeper lines around her mouth. You may also notice the cross-hatched texture on her mid-cheek area is less prominent as the collagen begins to fill in and plump up her skin.

Morpheus8 combines microneedling WITH radio-frequency for surface smoothing and deeper, interior tightening. Morpheus is often included in plans for fine lines, acne scarring and/or where we’re seeing a deeper lift. Each Morpheus treatment is fully customized and our providers are able to choose the exact depth that they want to treat at.

Adding Sculptra to the mix, injected topically, we can create the groundwork for the most collagen stimulation.

Anti-Aging Combo Treatment