A Customized Treatment Plan for Gorgeous Results*

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This lovely patient wanted to smooth the lines around her lips, but without the downtime of traditional deep lasers or peels.

Fast-forward to beautifully smooth results with carefully-placed filler and neuromodulators by Dr. Austin, a customized prescription skincare regimen, and a microneedling + PRP session by Nurse Katie McCormack.

Topical Skincare Regimen:

BACD RX Tretinoin (0.05% + niacinamide)

BACD RX AK Cream (Imiquimod 5%): used once a week this topical helps to smooth actinic keratoses and solar elastosis (both of which can often result in bumpy, uneven skin)

TNS Advanced+ Serum: One of our favorite growth factors to help regenerate collagen, amplify and protect results.

By sticking to her skincare both in and out of office, this patient essentially resurfaced her skin on a microscopic level with nearly zero downtime.

Micropen + PRP