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While in her mid-30s this patient opted for an undereye treatment with Belotero (aka "Tear Trough Under Eye Filler") working with Dr. Andrea Hui Austin. Undereye circles can be improved by addressing root causes: 1) Skin Quality (with skincare and lasers/peels) 2) Muscle Movement (with neuromodulators such as Botox) 3) Volume loss (with fillers) Volume loss is the most common cause of dark circles. As we age, and due to genetics, the contours of our eyes, cheeks, and temples shrink and flatten, causing shadows and troughs around our eyes. From Dr. Austin: "For this patient I used Belotero, one of my favorite fillers for smoothing and hydrating the skin, especially in the under eye area. Combined with prescription topical products and tightening procedures, filler helps to create your best appearance. No filter needed!" Dr. Austin's beauty philosophy is to "refresh" and conservatively contour the eye area until your aesthetic goals are achieved. Undereyes and tear troughs are especially delicate - always look for an injector who has a ton of experience treating this specific area. For over 6 years, Dr. Andrea Austin has been a national educator for Galderma, holding one-on-one injectables sessions to teach other physicians how to safely inject their products for gorgeous results. She also participates in national and worldwide advisory boards for Galderma, Merz, and Allergan.

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