An elegant solution for a neck lines (aka Tech Neck)*

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“Tech Neck” is the new forehead wrinkle. We have been seeing more and more patients with this issue. Stop it before it starts. Due to genetics, neck positioning (screen time, anyone?), aging, and sun exposure, horizontal lines become more pronounced with time. Prolonged use of electronics with our heads down can deepen these neck wrinkles and contribute to an aged appearance. Tech Neck should be treated by addressing all of these causes. First, Dr. Austin smoothed out the horizontal lines with Belotero (hyaluronic acid filler), a unique filler designed to be injected into the uppermost layers of the skin. The technique requires absolute precision with tiny micro-droplets that effectively smooth the lines. The patient was thrilled saying, "it looks like my neck has been airbrushed!" The patient was 100% dedicated to her skincare routine, which included SPF to prevent further sun damage. To improve collagen production and protect the results of her procedure, Dr. Austin suggested the addition of Obagi Elastiderm, unique neck-specific retinoid to smooth the skin and stimulate collagen production, and our favorite TNS+ twice a day for best results.

Effective Fix for "Tech Neck"