Green Tea - Hero Natural Skincare Ingredient

By: Dr. Kathleen Welsh


Trendy skincare ingredients are everywhere we look.

Cue the coconut oil phenom or made-for-IG charcoal masks. Unfortunately, many 'of the moment' ingredients (especially in the 'natural' skincare category) are just that, fly-by-night marketing ploys with little if any research to back them up.

But let's talk about a natural skincare ingredient that we do have some excellent science for and our providers can really get behind: GREEN TEA.

From Dr. Welsh, "A 2010 study shows oral administration, in particular, as well as the topical application of antioxidant extracts from green tea can protect skin against the harmful effects of UV exposure, including erythema (reddening of the skin), premature aging, and cancer. At higher concentrations, green tea extracts can also help to reduce acne."

PRO TIP: You'll see green tea extract listed as camellia sinensis (tea plant) on some labels.

Some of our favorite research-proven products that include green tea:

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Who else is headed to the kitchen to brew up a cup of green goodness? Cheers!

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