Finding the Comfort Zone: Decrease Pain + Downtime

By: Dr. Kathleen Welsh


Those who know me best know that - although I love the results - I dread the discomfort of procedures such as Fraxel Repair and Ultherapy. For this reason, the comfort of my patients has always been a priority. Many new patients are delighted when they come to our office and find we offer numbing cream and cold spray for injections, as well as pain medication for more painful procedures such as Ultherapy and Fraxel.

My staff and I don't just want you to look good, we want you to FEEL good. That's why I'm excited to offer technologies to help you feel good during your procedures - Pro-Nox and POLY LED Light Therapy.

Beauty and pain no longer need to go hand in hand.


Some patients tolerate procedures like Ultherapy without an analgesic. However, most find treatments like these difficult to endure without the help of a pain reliever and/or anti-anxiety medication. These types of medications are effective but long-lasting, leaving you groggy and unable to safely drive home.

That's why I'm thrilled to be able to offer Pro-Nox as a safe alternative to medication. Pro-Nox is:

  • A quick onset, 50% Nitrous and 50% oxygen pain management system
  • Nitrous oxide has been safely used for decades in dental offices
  • Patient administered means you respond to your own level of pain and/or anxiety
  • Generally metabolized within minutes of discontinuing, so you are able to regain complete mental and physical function within 15 minutes after use (no hangover!)


Comfort following your procedure is just as important as comfort during your treatment. Cosmetic dermatology procedures have significantly less downtime than surgery but procedures such as a deep Fraxel Repair C02 resurfacing treatment can still have up to 10 days downtime. That's why we now offer POLY Light Therapy technology as treatment to reduce downtime.

POLY, short for Polychromatic Light Therapy System, is the newest innovation in LED Light Therapy, using a variety of wavelengths to treat redness and sun-damage. When used post Fraxel, patients will notice that their skin heals more quickly. POLY is perfect for patients who need to get back to work or social engagements ASAP.




POLY's blue light helps fight acne causing bacteria. Ideal for teenagers or anyone who wants to accelerate their acne treatment plan.


POLY's red light stimulates our skin cells’ fibroblasts into producing more collagen and softening fine lines. While results can take between 4-8 weeks, most patients feel a pleasant, warm glow after each treatment.

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