The Future is Bright Now

By: Dr. Kathleen Welsh


I am proud to say Bay Area Cosmetic Dermatology has been in business for 19 years. Our status within the cosmetic industry has allowed us access to evaluate and bring on the newest in cutting edge technology. All decisions about what new products and services are made after careful research by myself and Dr. Hui Austin.

We now offer LED treatments, one of cosmetic dermatology’s most recent innovations. LED is helping us see skin treatments in a whole new light.

What Are LED Treatments?

LED stands for light emitting diodes. You may recognize this little bulbs as long lasting Christmas lights. New research has allowed for the development of these lights to make their way into the aesthetic world as a way to increase collagen and elastin production in our skin, treat precancerous lesions and help to speed healing from injuries or cosmetic procedures.

Inexpensive home LED devices are available to consumers but in most cases are manufactured to deliver only very low energy wavelengths and are not nearly as effective. In our office, we have access to medical grade LED technology, allowing for the absolute best results.

Our Skin Angel, Alice receiving a redness reducing + collagen building POLY treatment. 20 minutes, painless and no downtime!

How Can LED Help Me?

One of the best uses of LED is reduction of downtime from in-office procedures such as Fraxel. These procedures normally can involve days to weeks of downtime making them tricky to commit to. Using the Red and “Near Infrared” LED technology immediately after your procedure and in the days following treatment, we are able to shave off several days of recovery. For many people the small cost of this add-on treatment has added the great benefit of getting them back to their normal activities sooner.

LED is also a great treatment for people with rosacea, especially those with an active lifestyle that may not allow for laser treatments. LED can help to not only reduce redness in the skin but also give you the added benefit of building collagen.These treatments can be done weekly or biweekly in 4-12 sessions and are completely painless with no down-time.

When it comes to acne, we all want quick and easy results, especially teens! Most acne treatments take anywhere from 4-6 weeks to begin seeing results. With Blue/Red LED treatments (which also can be combined with medical grade facials and acne peels) patients often start to notice results within a week. LED can also be safely used to treat acne while pregnant with limited sessions.

Blue LED can give huge improvement in sun damaged skin and precancerous lesions. This easy treatment can be used in place of liquid nitrogen for some patients, which comes with more downtime. Non-invasive and side effect free, LED is the safest and easiest option on the market to start looking your very best.

* All information subject to change. Images may contain models. Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary.