Expert Skin Hack: When Nothing Sounds Better than Falling Into Bed

By: Bay Area Cosmetic Dermatology


When nothing and we mean nothing sounds better than falling into bed after a long week OR a holiday party OR a late night of Netflix, it's waaaaay too easy to put off our skincare routine for 'just one night'. 

Who's guilty of hitting the sheets with makeup still on? 

Or skipping steps in the name of sweet sweet sleep?

Who's already imaging climbing back into bed tonight?

WE FEEL YOU. And we've got a great, simple hack to get you back on track and slipping into the sheets with all your skincare routine steps neatly checked off. 

Instead of waiting until right before bed to take care of your skin, get to it right when you get home. Yep. It's that easy. Walk in the door, throw your bag down and head to cleansing, applying products. 

And later when bed starts calling your name, you can rest easy knowing your nighttime skincare routine is behind you. 

Because flawless skin requires commitment, not a miracle. YOU GOT THIS

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