Dr. Welsh Discusses Instalift

By: Dr. Kathleen Welsh


Since I don’t perform facelifts, I sometimes get asked for referrals. Over the years, I’ve seen many patients get successful facelifts. Up until recently, cosmetic dermatology didn’t have anything to offer that could compete. While filler helps with volume loss, I couldn’t do much for advanced laxity. Well, that has changed.

Recently, I began performing Silhouette InstaLift procedures, and I have to say, I’M AMAZED BY THE RESULTS.

InstaLift is a non-invasive alternative to surgery, offering an  instant lift of the skin and increased long-term collagen production. The entire procedure takes only 45 minutes, with no incisions or anesthesia. Similar to injectables, I use lidocaine locally to ensure patient comfort.

InstaLift is a huge improvement over other thread lifts, thanks to its dissolvable synthetic material makeup, called polylactic acid -- the same substance used in Sculptra. The threads slowly  disintegrate after placement, causing the body to increase  collagen in the treatment area. Much like Ultherapy, InstaLift  patients will continue to see their faces look firmer and more youthful over time.

Volume loss is not addressed during a surgical facelift, which is one reason that these patients continue to see me for filler, even after surgery. A facelift tightens the skin, reducing jowls and drooping, but does not add fullness. InstaLift allows me to address both the drooping of the skin, and the loss of volume in one procedure, with minimal downtime.

Dr. Austin and I are both trained to offer InstaLift. If you have questions, or would like to be evaluated as a candidate, give us a call!

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