How I Take Care of My Skin, From a BACD Patient

By: Bay Area Cosmetic Dermatology


One of our patients, Tom Krempa breaks down his easy to follow and effective skincare routine. We know great skin doesn't have to be complicated and we love to hear it straight from someone who has experienced the benefits of a simple, effective routine! 

Tom Krempa lives in Langley, Washington and is an encaustic painter and sculptor. He is father to Roxanne Krempa, The Body Clinic Practice Manager and father-in-law to Mary Krempa, RN. We take a special pleasure in taking care of our BACD family members! 

Check out Tom's award-winning work here.  


Thankfully, I have followed a skincare routine for many years on the advice of my daughter Roxanne and Dr. Welsh. 

I love to garden, hike, bike, kayak, ski, and be in the outdoors. I'm in the sun a lot! Taking care of my skin helped me come to grips with the fact I hit the BIG one last year when I turned 70.

Once I was turned onto Obagi products, I haven't looked back. I love their line  and have found it to give me real results. The products are also numbered according to step which makes my routine a no-brainer for me in the mornings. 

Here are a few notes on my daily face care. 

I begin my day with a wet shave using Obagi Foaming Gel #1  with my wet/dry electric razor. I've been amazed at how close of a shave I get from using this product, like no other! When traveling I use the foaming gel with a regular razor with the same results. 

I follow my morning shave with a small face splash of Obagi #2 Toner which seems t o refresh my pores for the next steps and acts as my aftershave.

Then I apply their C-Clarifying Serum. I use about thre e small lines on my fingers from the dropper and apply to my face.  

After a few minutes, I use about a pea size of the Obagi #3 Clear and massage t hat on top of the serum. Once a week I use the Obagi #4 Exfoderm Forte on top of the above products, acting as my exfoliate. The last and most important thing I do before I start my day and every day whether it is sunny, cloudy, or raining is I use sunscreen. My favorite is the Obagi Sun Shield Broad Spectrum SPF50. I like the matte one as it has a  n eutral and not a shiny look. 

That's about it for my morning routine and then I'm off to the great outdoors or into my studio to create more art.


I have to tell you about one more incident in my facial life. One morning a few years ago, I looked in the mirror and said to myself, “What happened!” I saw all these weird brown spots all over my face. The first thing I did was make an appointment with my regular doctor who told me not to worry, they were just aging liver spots. OK, really, liver spots?!  

My next call was to Roxanne who said Dr. Welsh could help using laser technology. I was IN! I made an appointment with Dr. Welsh and proceeded with the treatment. She used the laser on all of my spots, and there were a lot, then told me the spots will scab up and all drop off in a week or two. The procedure was pain-free. It felt like being lightly snapped with rubber bands.  

The miracle was the spots really did drop off in the stated time frame. I followed up with a second laser treatment about ten months later. That appointment cleared up some small spots that were missed because I had so many from the start.  

I am very happy with the results and my face has been clear from those yucky liver spots for years now! 

Thank you, Dr. Welsh and Roxanne. You're the best!!!
Tom Krempa 

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