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We value all of our patients and their individual needs. At Bay Area Cosmetic Dermatology, we want you to make the most informed decision to achieve your cosmetic goals. Choosing the best procedure and physician for you is an extremely important decision, and we invite you to read about previous patients’ experiences and better understand the quality treatment you will receive from our board-certified dermatologists. Each of our medical professionals value your journey and want to ensure you feel as comfortable and confident about your decision as possible.

Reviews for Bay Area Cosmetic Dermatology

5.0 Review from N.B. Source: Office Visit Oct 01 2021

"I must say, my new skincare routine has changed my skin entirely. For more than two decades, I tried every doctor in both LA and San Francisco and cream/treatment and was told it was something I had to live with. Dr. Welsh's recommendations have 98% cleared up the eczema and flakiness. I think it’s the Face Retin-A cream, but not even sure. I am sticking to the exact routine/program every morning and night that Dr Welsh assigned. It has changed my life."

5.0 Review from Anonymous Source: Office Visit Apr 19 2021

"You could not make a better choice than working with the team at The Body Clinic. They were clear, communicative, and kind throughout the entire EmSculpt Neo process as they led me through what was a new experience. They'll explain what to expect, and they're realistic so you know that while this isn't a magic wand to get abs overnight, - the results are real and clinically proven. I found their rates to be reasonable and the experience to be totally worth it - plus they were the only provider at the time in SF with the Neo. They're the best!"

5.0 Review from R.S. Source: Office Visit Dec 12 2019

"After having two children and before Emsella I could literally not run .Each time I tried, I would literally “wet my pants” .My OB/GYN suggested surgery, but I thought I’d give Emsella a try. After 6 sessions I am dry as a bone after running and can even do jumping jacks without embarrassing leakage. My sex life has also improved. I am so grateful to Bay Area Dermatology and Dr. welsh for suggesting the treatment. It was painless and very discreet. (45 year old female)"

5.0 Review from LI Source: Office Visit Apr 29 2019

"After I had my second child, I was ready to do whatever it took to get rid of my tummy fat. I tried EmSculpt and with certainty can attest my stomach is more flat and defined. I workout consistently and never saw these results prior to the treatments. I would recommend this in a second to anyone wanting more stomach definition. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t!"

5.0 Review from KW Source: Office Visit Mar 21 2019

"After two treatments, I flew to Miami and danced for 3 hours to a salsa wedding band. I’ve been incontinent for 21 years since the birth of my son, and Emsella helped turn back the clock to a life where I’m not wondering where the nearest bathroom is. The treatment takes 28 minutes, there are 6 in the series, and absolutely no pain or discomfort. Just sit and read your emails! OMG I cannot recommend this enough!!!"

5.0 Review from Anonymous Source: Office Visit Oct 24 2018

"Dear Dr. Welsh - Thank you so much for popping in to see me today. It is always so great to see you. You have such a positive energy! Also - you look really fantastic! You look radiant, beautiful and natural. And you are the best advertisement for your practice. I completely trust anything you advise for me. Thank you again! Thank you again! Fondly, Anonymous"

5.0 Review from Anonymous Source: Office Visit Mar 09 2018

""I've been in the hands of many people and Dr. Welsh is the only person I trust 100 percent.""

5.0 Review from HD Source: Office Visit Mar 06 2018

"I highly recommend Dr. Hui- she's a miracle worker! She recommended and used the Excel V laser to get rid of visible blue veins around my eyes and temples. The results have been great. After two treatments the veins are gone and my skin is glowing! Dr. Hui and her team give you their full time and attention and you never feel rushed. If you're looking to reduce or minimize facial veins see Dr. Hui in San Francisco for Excel V treatment!"

5.0 Review from SC Source: Office Visit Mar 05 2018

"I want to recommend the beautiful Dr. Andrea Hui for her excellence. I came in a tired looking 70 year old and left with not just a refreshed 55 year old looking face but feeling 20 years younger in spirit. Dr Andrea took the time address my needs and concerns and using her artistry gave me just what I wanted. I feel truly beautiful. I will return to her again and again."

0.0 Review from Anonymous Source: Office Visit Aug 23 2017

"After multiple vaginal births and an active lifestyle, I thought that it couldn't hurt to try Geneveve. I was told to expect improvements in laxity, lubrication, and incontinence. The procedure was only uncomfortable in that you are letting something treat you vaginal area; once your mind gets over that, the procedure is easy and I did not experience any significant discomfort. I first noticed an improvement with incontinence (vigorous exercise or just laughing too hard don't cause wet pants anymore!), and then increased sexual pleasure detectable by both my partner and myself. From my perspective, this was an easy procedure that has enhanced my lifestyle in ways that I didn't think could be improved."

0.0 Review from SD Source: Office Visit Aug 14 2017

"No matter how much i workout and how healthy i eat, i can't seem to get rid of my saddle bags and tummy pouch. CoolSculpting gave me an incredible result with no downtime (some bruising and numbness but Dr Welsh and her staff told me to expect that)...this machine is incredible! It actually took about 20% off of the areas i want to get rid of and the staff informed me that each time i do a treatment in the same area, I'll see more reduction. I booked my second round and can't wait to see my before and afters!"

0.0 Review from Anonymous Source: Office Visit Aug 09 2017

"I am very happy with Viveve treatment. My urgency has decreased. I currently do not need to use the under pant lining daily. I can hold and not using the toilet for the duration of the flight from NYC to Chicago. Usually, I have to use the facility two times during the flight.I do believe my condition will further improve with repeated treatments."

5.0 Review from AF Source: Office Visit Apr 28 2017

"I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Hui! When I first saw her I was suffering from rosacea and as a result, very sensitive skin. I couldn't use any over the counter products like face wash or moisturizer. I also had a lot of tiny red blood vessels that made me look red all the time. And I always had at least one zit at any given time. Dr. Hui took the time to explain why this was all happening and what she was going to do to help. She answered all of my questions and didn't rush through the appointment like so many other doctors do. She ended up recommending a bunch of products as well as laser treatments. Even after the appointment, she was super responsive when I emailed her in a panic because my skin was out of control. Now, everything is great. The rosacea has cleared and so have the zits. I've had several laser treatments to take care of the red blood vessels and Dr. Hui is great at making them as pain-free as possible. I am happy to say that I barely wear makeup anymore and am no longer self conscious."

5.0 Review from DG Source: Office Visit Apr 05 2016

"I suffered a unfortunate bicycle accident that left me with several unsightly facial scars. Dr.Hui recommended a combination of VBeam and Fraxel treatments that have had fantastic results. She and the team at Bay Area Cosmetic Dermatology have been an amazing help in my recovery process, I feel very lucky to have found them."

5.0 Review from JD Source: Office Visit Mar 25 2016

"Dr. Andrea Hui is the best dermatologist I have ever been to on every level. She is kind, extremely knowledgeable and supremely skilled. Before I was even a patient of Dr. Hui's she actually advised me on the questions I should ask other dermatologists before I began getting botox, and filler. She has been my dermatologist for about 3 years now and I can honestly say my face and skin are exactly where I want them to be. I am now 34 years and I originally went to see Dr. Hui because I was starting to get the "I look tired even when I'm not tired" look under my eyes - I was also beginning to lose fullness in my cheeks. What I love about going to Dr. Hui is that her work is so subtle you see YOU not filler or botox. She has done wonders with subtly filling in under my eyes and filling out my cheeks just enough to get rid of the pesky little smile lines. She also helped me with my skin care regimen which got my skin back to the glowy look I had in my 20's. I really do get compliments from friends and strangers about the quality of skin. I am a performer and I always get compliments from makeup artists about my cheekbones to which I smile to myself and thank Dr. Hui. She is not the Dr. to go to if you want to look like you've had work done. She's the Dermatologist to go to when you want to see the best version of yourself. I literally cannot thank Dr. Hui enough."

5.0 Review from KO Source: Office Visit Mar 06 2016

"I went yesterday and got my lips done by Dr. Hui and her medical assistant Hanna. They were wonderful! I love my lips and they made me feel so comfortable and well taken care of. They told me the whole procedure and how it was going to go since I was pretty nervous. It took about 20 minutes and I didn't feel a thing! I love my lips and I love Bay Area Cosmetics. Dr.Hui and Hanna are the best, if I go back (which I most definitely will) I want Dr. Hui and Hanna again. Love them!!"

5.0 Review from SS Source: Office Visit Mar 02 2016

"I've been seeing Dr Hui for 2 months now. 2 months ago I had terrible acne but now my skin is very clear. Dr Hui is really knowledgeable. I wanted to do a fraxel laser but she told me I need to get my acne under control first and then do the fraxel. She prescribed some pills and she does extractions when I see her. She also gave me a routine to take care of my skin. My skin has never looked better. I recommend going to her if you want a perfect skin free of acne. Seeing her was the best decision I made and was life changing"

5.0 Review from LI Source: Office Visit Feb 12 2016

"I have been going to Bay Area Cosmetic Dermatology for the last ten years. I am continually impressed by both Dr Welsh and Dr Hui for their ability to listen to my needs and desires without judgement, address cosmetic issues artfully, and manage medical issues with great knowledge and expertise. Their ability to integrate both the art and science of dermatology is truly exceptional. Our entire family has been treated by the practice. My children for extreme acne and stubborn allergic skin reactions, my husband with his sensitive Asian skin for his sun spots and I have had multiple moles skillfully removed and biopsied, Ulthera, botox, fillers and even repaired earlobes, (torn from heavy earnings). Coming from a family of physicians, I have learned the importance of quality of care and true medical expertise. We have all been impressed by their responsiveness, depth of knowledge, attention to detail and overall quality of care. I have referred many to this practice and have heard nothing but stellar reviews."

5.0 Review from BF Source: Office Visit Feb 07 2016

"I have been seeing Dr. Hui for over a year. She is an exceptional practitioner. My experience with Dr. Hui has been wonderful and very pleasant. She treated around my eyes with Belotero using the blunt-tipped cannula to minimize bruising and to create a much more natural result. The eyes are very difficult to treat because there is little room for error; also I have a condition which causes me to bruise much more easily, so being treated with the cannula was very important. My results were fantastic. My eyes looked perfectly natural and symmetrical. I continue to see Dr. Hui and she has treated other areas fillers and Botox. Thanks again Dr. Hui."

5.0 Review from CB Source: Office Visit Nov 28 2015

"Several of my friends had suggested going to Bay Area Cosmetic Dermatology so I decided to give them a call. I spoke with Johanan who was able to make my tricky schedule work and even remembered speaking to me on the phone when I came in (it seems like a pretty busy place, so I was pleasantly surprised by that). I became a patient of Dr. Hui several months ago and am so glad I made the choice to get treatment for my skin with her! Dr. Hui was gracious, understanding and answered all of my many questions. My most recent visit was to remove a few moles and to correct dark circles under my eyes. Dr. Hui did outstanding work removing a flesh tone mole on the bridge of my nose and had bothered me since childhood. She walked me through the various stages of the healing process so I knew exactly what to expect. I am very happy with the beautiful results! I would highly recommend both Dr Hui and Dr. Welsh (who I had met once when I tagged along to a friend's appointment). Both are amazing women that take the time to get to know their patients. At the end of my visit I had a little redness from my treatment and was introduced to Natalie at the makeup counter. She was very nice and knowledgeable, and in just a few minutes had fixed me up and you could barely tell that I had done anything to my face (except for the little bandage on my nose). It really feels like a place filled with people you could be friends with, everyone was warm and welcoming. I would highly recommend Bay Area Cosmetic Dermatology to anyone"

5.0 Review from DW Source: Office Visit Jun 05 2015

"Dr Welsh has been my favorite dermatologist for over 20 years - I'm pretty sure she is the reason I don't have skin cancer from my careless youth ;) She (and her staff) always make me feel good when I am there and I get great results w everything I've tried (including fillers). Kathleen Welsh is a perfectionist and a true artist! Dr Welsh knows my style (she knows I don't want to look "over done") and gives (on request) great advice for what I really need (instead of what I thought I needed) often saving me $$. I trust her completely (based on 2 decades of stellar results)! I was introduced to Dr Welsh by a product rep friend (it's part of her job to know everybody in the industry) as a wonderful person and excellent doctor. I have always been glad of every visit! In response to another reviewer: a couple of times a few years ago I had waits of up to a half hour, but I always just guessed my doctor was giving someone else the precise meticulous care that she gives me. (There were a few prior visits that Dr Welsh spent extra time burning off my way-too-many pre-cancer spots; apologies if your wait was my fault!). Lately, I'm in and out before I can read a single magazine article. Recently I tried her cleansing pads while camping - who knew you could get refreshed glowing skin w/out water? I'm one of those people who breaks out if I miss cleansing morning or night, so these are little gems. Honestly, I cannot lavish enough praise on Dr Welsh (and her staff) for excellent care and great results! I'm pretty sure Dr Welsh really does love skin!"
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