Muscle Building for Men, No Sweat Required

By: Roxanne Krempa


EMsculpt NEO has quickly  become one of our most popular treatments for men in our San Francisco body clinic. Targeting the abs, glutes, biceps, triceps and calves, EMsculpt for men can help increase strength and build definition that is beyond what is achievable at the gym. We have also had a number of patients report the therapeutic benefit of alleviating lower back pain.

What can EMsculpt NEO for Men Do For You?


  1.  EMsculpt for Men Builds Muscle

    EMsculpt NEO uses High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Technology (HIFEM) to create supramaximal contractions of the entire muscle group. Each treatment is 20,000 contractions and on average will build about 16 percent more muscle mass. This means that NEO for men can shape the body and create definition fast and easily with no downtime.    
  2. EMsculpt for Men is Quick and Easy

    EMsculpt for men is an easy 20-30 minute session that is pain free. We recommend 6 sessions done once or twice a week. Patients report sensations of a strong contractions but no discomfort, including no downtime! This is a great before work or lunch time procedure. And the results from Emsculpt for men can be seen sometimes within a few weeks, with full results peaking at about 3 months.    
  3. EMsculpt for Men is Great For Anyone

    Visual results will work best for candidates who are at their ideal body weight, however EMsculpt NEO for men is  great in combination with one of our other body sculpting procedures such as EMtone or Coolsculpting to reduce fat and build muscle. Therapeutically, EMsculpt for men can be used to help with lower back pain or to jump start your new workout program.

If EMsculpt NEO for Men sounds like something you would like to add to your routine or start a new one with, call our office at 415-292-7950 or fill in our contact form - we would love to set up a complimentary consultation for you!

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