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The power of an expert team working together towards your skincare goals is really where the magic lives. This beautiful patient's treatment plan included: A series of Microneedling treatments with Mary Krempa, RN & neuro+filler injections with Dr. Andrea Hui Austin. This combo smoothed out wrinkles around her mouth and provided just the right amount of volume to look natural and refreshed. Microneedling can be a fabulously effective alternative to bigger procedures such as ablative lasers like Fraxel Repair or Erbium. Although microneedling needs several treatments to achieve the same result, they require significantly less downtime making them easier to fit into a busy schedule. This patient further enhanced and protected her results by diligently following an at-home skincare routine Neocutis Biocream Firm and BACD AK Cream 1x/week to reduce sun damage and pre-cancers, which are a common cause of wrinkling around the mouth.

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