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We know melasma can be particularly stubborn, but by committing and following Dr. Austin's recommendations this beauty saw sun damage disappear, redness reduce and an enviable glow emerge in only 3 months! More typically, we expect these results like this in 6-9 months.

Her treatment plan included:

• Chemical Peels
• Vascular laser
• RX Topicals: Obagi Nu-Derm System + Tretinoin
• 100% Compliance

Melasma often feels like it appears overnight and is triggered for a variety of reasons including pregnancy, hormonal shifts, sun exposure, etc. We help identify the underlying causes and design a treatment plan that addresses your exact needs while balancing your budget, ability for downtime and skin sensitivity. It's very likely our MD's recommendations for you won't be exactly the same as they were for this patient.

Treatment for Melasma