Speeding Up a Bruise*

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OUCH! Bruises happen and they can often take an annoyingly long time to fully fade on their own. So what can we do to speed up the process? The mighty Vbeam laser to the rescue! ? ? One of our staff members recently experienced a hard fall which resulted in a pretty gnarly bruise on her backside. She was generous enough to allow us to share her photos and also agreed to have Cynthia Chaghouri, PA only partially treat the bruise to illustrate just how powerful a vascular laser can be. You can actually see the small circular shape where the laser was used. ? ? In addition to accelerating the healing time of bruises, our providers also use vascular laser to treat rosacea, facial + leg veins, acne scars, some birthmarks, angiomas, and uneven skin tone. And although we take every precaution to avoid bruising from in-office treatments such as injections, we call upon the vascular laser to help out there, too when needed.?

After One Vbeam Treatment