Chest Lines Erased with Sculptra, Pacific Heights, San Francisco*

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We are so happy to offer a treatment for one of our patients’ top concerns: CHEST LINES. Not only are we erasing these lines but we're doing it with zero downtime, thanks to Sculptra. Dr. Austin achieved this patient's results with one Sculptra treatment combined with prescription-grade skincare. Genetics and UV damage contribute to chest lines by thinning the skin, which allows gravity and sleep lines to "set" on your skin. They can be super frustrating, especially when they start dictating our wardrobe choices. Sculptra is a "bioactive" filler and stimulates your skin to create its own collagen. After an initial session of Sculptra, you will start to see improvements within 6-8 weeks. If needed, we may continue with more sessions of Sculptra. Most patients will need 2-4 sessions for ideal results. Sculptra is the longest-lasting of any filler, and our favorite choice for improving skin quality. To improve collagen and elasticity (and enhance your Sculptra results,) we offer prescription products such as BACD Body Tretinoin and Alastin TransForm. A prescription-grade regimen is necessary for the best results from injectables because they support a healthy scaffold for your body's natural collagen stores to grow on.

Chest Lines Erased