Skin Texture Improvement with Restylane Contour*

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This beautiful patient was wanting for a refreshed, natural look but with minimal downtime. She was bothered by the cross-hatched texture of her mid-cheek area. Dr. Austin explained the various treatment options, including filler and resurfacing lasers. Laser treatment, while a gold standard for improving cross-hatched texture would carry with it too much downtime for this particular patient. Filler was a much more attractive option. Restylane Contour, a hyaluronic acid filler, is a relatively new and exciting offering from Galderma’s Refyne and Defyne line. It's specifically FDA-approved for the cheek area. Dr. Austin and the patient decided to try Contour to improve texture, rather than laser. The patient was thrilled with the beautiful restoration of her cheek area. The results shown are a full year later with no other treatments between. Of course she followed a strong at-home game and uses BACD Tretinoin (0.05%) to maintain collagen quality and improve the longevity of her results.

Injectable Filler Results