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This beautiful patient wanted to diminish the lines around her eyes, tighten and smooth the delicate skin without any injectables or surgery. Thermage FLX treatment was included in her custom plan and what you're seeing is after one treatment and per her wish, no injectables. And as with all cosmetic procedures, an at-home regimen of topical products is further enhancing her results. We include a choice of highly effective eye creams with all of our Thermage Eyes treatments. ? ? Our providers are sensitive to the fact that every patient needs a fully customized cosmetic plan taking into consideration a wide range of variables. We simply don't believe in "one size fits all." Our goal is to find the solution that works best for ???????? unique skin while providing maximum benefits. And we think this is exactly what this patient achieved. ? ? Many will see results after a single Thermage treatment depending on the amount of laxity present, multiple treatments may be recommended.

Thermage For Eyes