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This patient is seeing Mary Krempa, RN to remove two different tattoos. One on the back of her neck and another on her ankle.

What to know about tattoo removal:

1) Good things take time and tattoo removal will require multiple treatments.

2) We also wait several weeks between each appointment so the skin can heal.

3) BACD utilizes PFD patches during tattoo removal to minimize discomfort and maximize the amount of ink we can break up.

4) Everyone is different: During a consult, your RN will outline expectations, timelines, and the estimated number of treatments they think you'll need based on the color(s), location, and size of the tattoo.

5) Darker ink like the one on this patient's neck require more treatments. Some patients opt to fully remove a tattoo while others are happy when it's faded enough to cover with concealer.

Tattoo Removal