Treating POD with LED*

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This lovely patient was suffering from recurrent perioral dermatitis (POD) and rosacea, despite sticking to her Rx regimen 100%. The top photo is after 2 months of dedicated use, with no other changes in her life or prescription regimen. Per the patient, her work/travel schedule was hectic and both she and Dr. Austin agreed stressors were contributing to flare ups. The patient understandably expressed frustration that her routine, prescriptions, and lasers could not fully treat her POD and rosacea. Dr. Austin suggested she try the following LED light regimen using the MMSphere 2GO: 20 minutes daily on Red for anti-inflammatory and collagen stimulating purposes. As needed (˜3x/week), 20 minutes on Purple for more anti-inflammatory boost. And finally, 20 minutes on Blue for any acne breakouts to reduce P. acnes bacteria. Two months later, our patient is thrilled! She said the MMSphere was convenient for her travel schedule, as it could be easily packed in her suitcase. More importantly, she could complete her work at the hotel desk while the MMSphere was propped 20 inches from her face (compared to a lot of LED masks that either require you lay down or wear it directly on your face). Adding daily MMSphere light therapy was the only part of her regimen that was different, so we can confidently agree this was her biggest game-changer! She will continue to use her MMSphere every day, whether she is home or traveling.

Perioral Dermatitis + LED