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We sure do love showing off the results from one of our favorite treatments: Sofwave. This handsome patient is also very pleased! Sofwave is an exciting part our non-invasive tightening suite of services. During a Sofwave treatment, our talented RN team is able to use precise depths of ultrasound to stimulate new collagen and elastin fibers. The process naturally lifts trouble areas like the neck, brow, and submental with results progressing over the course of 4-6 months after treatment. We're doubly big fans of Sofwave because it requires little to no downtime and its safe no matter the season, skin type, or skin color. Though Sofwave is not completely pain-free, it is typically much more tolerable than other tightening treatments. We also offer Pronox as an option to help increase comfort. This patient’s main concern was laxity on his neck and submental fullness (area under the chin). He and Nurse Arianna discussed having to potentially do several combination treatments down the road but they were both pleasantly surprised by the outcome of only one Sofwave treatment after which he enjoyed a visible lift in the treated areas.

Sofwave Results