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Roxanne Krempa, Specialist - Lead Body Sculpting Specialist

About Roxanne Krempa

Roxanne joined originally joined the Bay Area Cosmetic Dermatology team as an Esthetician and Medical Assistant to Dr. Welsh and our nurses. Inspired by her own CoolSculpting results, Roxanne developed and now manages The Body Clinic - San Francisco's leading body sculpting practice. The Body Clinic is the #1 CoolSculpting practice in the Bay Area, and has provided over 7,000 treatments since we bought one of the first CoolSculpting devices in 2009. As the in-office body sculpting specialist, Roxanne is skilled at choosing and placing CoolSculpting hand pieces to enhance each individual's body shape. She works closely with our nurses to provide you with the best possible outcome. Roxanne is a graduate of University of California Santa Cruz, and attended the Spa Luna Holistic Esthetician and Massage program in Maui, Hawaii. Recognized as a leader in the body sculpting field, Roxanne also works as an educator for CoolSculpting, traveling around the country to teach other offices how to place and chose the correct applicators for the best result.