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We value all of our patients and their individual needs. At Bay Area Cosmetic Dermatology, we want you to make the most informed decision to achieve your cosmetic goals. Choosing the best procedure and physician for you is an extremely important decision, and we invite you to read about previous patients’ experiences and better understand the quality treatment you will receive from our board-certified dermatologists. Each of our medical professionals value your journey and want to ensure you feel as comfortable and confident about your decision as possible.

Reviews for Bay Area Cosmetic Dermatology

4.0 Review from M.B. Source: Yelp Dec 22 2014

"Dr Welsh is an excellent doctor.  I've seen her for several reasons and with multiple issues on one visit.  The only reason for the 4 stars instead of 5 is that you need topay cash and doesn't accept insurance.  However her staff will provide informationfor you to send to your insurance for reimbursement.  Not sure if my insurance willreimburse; probably not.  Also she has a cosmetic section that doesn't offer such great service.  I think they are a vendor and not her employees.  I have doubts aboutproducts if someone is making a profit off of them."

4.0 Review from R.J. Source: Yelp Mar 15 2014

"My first visit to Dr. Welsh was in the early 2000s for adult acne, a condition which had plagued me since childhood. I received excellent results. Now as I reach my later 30s, acne has become a thing of the past, yet I have a new issue: Aging facial skin. While I'm lucky that the byproduct of the former acne condition keeps my skin more naturally moisturized than others my age, I still am noticing subtle wrinkles around my eyes and furrowed smile lines. I've been very pleased with the outcomes of the various creams and non-invasive procedures she has recommended. The doctor and her staff always give me (a dude) a great comfort level whenever I arrive at their otherwise girly-ish offices (i.e. half of the waiting room area contains a Bloomingdale-sized cosmetic counter). Then again, if 80%+ of my clientele were women and I advertised my practice as "cosmetic dermatology," I'd probably design my office layout similarly. In any case, I have to admit it's kind of fun being the object of attention--however briefly--by her helpful and attentive female staff :)"

4.0 Review from L.W. Source: Yelp Nov 16 2013

"I've been to many different dermatologist and I have never had such wonderful results.  I'm consistently complemented on the appearance of my skin and asked about the products that I use. The good- the staff is professional and very friendly.  I've never had to wait for my appointment and the office environment is comfortable.  Dr. Welsh is very skilled and I found her skin care recommendations to be spot on.  The ugly-  pricey. Worth every penny, but cost more than a few of them."

4.0 Review from M.T. Source: Yelp Apr 15 2013

"I was a patient of Dr. Welsh when I was in college back in 2000.  I believe they took insurance back then.  I absolutely loved her.  She was always kind and knowledgable.  I feel that dermatology is more of an art than a science, thus it is unreasonable to expect miraculous outcomes."

4.0 Review from A.J. Source: Yelp Jun 06 2011

"I am a fan. I have had two visits. One she is a GREAT cosmetic dermatologist. She's qualifed and knows the latest and greatest in procedures.  I had heard this from two different friends who swear by her advice. I am overwhelmed by the amount of beauty advice so it's nice to go to someone who can sort through the latest things and render a medical opinion on them. A few thoughts... I think that you will wait  in the lobby if you come mid-day or later day which is typical for most doctors. i was seen right away the second time and I had to wait for 25 minutes on the first visit. At that time she had an emergency patient that came in, totally understandable why she was late.  This is not an appt that you want to schedule if you are in a hurry right after. She has a great personality and I do think that she cares about her patients. I had a very bad allergic reaction to some eye cream and I was seen right away. I got some medication and a visit with a nurse right away. I am still checking it all out but a few observations that might be helpful. One, this is not a regular dermatologist office so people need to stop complaining about insurance.  Second, you will wait a bit but that is sort of normal for most doctors. Third, she's not going to spend 15 minutes with you. She's there to diagnose and she's got capable staff to figure it out with you. Finally, the front desk folks are perfectly nice. They do look good and if they didn't look good, you might question it ... this is a cosmetic dermatologist's office!  I think that some reviewers seem envious. Going back and checking out more. Will update accordingly."

4.0 Review from N.B. Source: Yelp Jun 06 2011

"I wanted to wait a few months before I wrote this review, since I had a very mixed impression of this office. On the positive note, I am using some of Kathleen's topical products and I am seeing huge results in only two months. I think the ladies in the office were extremely lovely and not snotty at all. I am not one of those society high net worth ladies, but they were extremely friendly  and proactive with me. I thought, for the very brief time (see negative below) I spent with Kathleen she was extremely sharp, personable and knows skin very well. They did offer a bunch of other treatments and other creams, but when I did not express interest, I did not feel like they were pushy at all. On the negative side, I spent a shocking amount of money on products (to the point my husband was like, "holly XX" you spent what?) and felt like I only spent the most 8-10 minutes with the doctor. I felt extremely rushed to a point where I think it was a little uncomfortable for the nurse. In theory, you would think I would get more time since I was paying out of pocket. I did have to wait since I came in the afternoon for 30-45 minutes. I am definitely going back a second time since I am seeing solid results, but hope I feel so rushed with the doctor next time."

4.0 Review from M.G. Source: Yelp Jun 27 2010

"I was referred to Dr. Welsh by several of my friends who see her.  My mom and I both went and were seen promptly and with friendly service from both the esthetician and Dr. W.  Both my mom and I were pleased and will be returning."

4.0 Review from L.K. Source: Yelp Mar 02 2010

"i highly reccomend this place if anyone has to get lazer hair removal.  and see katie, she is very nice and good.  its a little painful but at least it goes quick.  i feel like they are really  competent there and have a lot of experience.  the parking there sucks, and there is a small parking lot thought you have to pay for it."

4.0 Review from S.G. Source: Yelp Nov 03 2009

"I did not see Dr. Welsh because she does not take insurance, but when I called the office to understand my options Julie was extremely helpful. She not only entertained my questions about how visits work, are priced and what service I need but she offered two referrals to doctors that take insurance. Finding any kind of Doctor can be very scary and difficult, so friendly advice and referrals from a reputable practice are a huge help.I would go here if insurance was not an issue."
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