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We value all of our patients and their individual needs. At Bay Area Cosmetic Dermatology, we want you to make the most informed decision to achieve your cosmetic goals. Choosing the best procedure and physician for you is an extremely important decision, and we invite you to read about previous patients’ experiences and better understand the quality treatment you will receive from our board-certified dermatologists. Each of our medical professionals value your journey and want to ensure you feel as comfortable and confident about your decision as possible.

Reviews for San Francisco, CA Dermatologist Dr. Kathleen Welsh Medical Dermatology Procedures

5.0 Review from LI Source: Office Visit Feb 12 2016

"I have been going to Bay Area Cosmetic Dermatology for the last ten years. I am continually impressed by both Dr Welsh and Dr Hui for their ability to listen to my needs and desires without judgement, address cosmetic issues artfully, and manage medical issues with great knowledge and expertise. Their ability to integrate both the art and science of dermatology is truly exceptional. Our entire family has been treated by the practice. My children for extreme acne and stubborn allergic skin reactions, my husband with his sensitive Asian skin for his sun spots and I have had multiple moles skillfully removed and biopsied, Ulthera, botox, fillers and even repaired earlobes, (torn from heavy earnings). Coming from a family of physicians, I have learned the importance of quality of care and true medical expertise. We have all been impressed by their responsiveness, depth of knowledge, attention to detail and overall quality of care. I have referred many to this practice and have heard nothing but stellar reviews."

5.0 Review from DW Source: Office Visit Jun 05 2015

"Dr Welsh has been my favorite dermatologist for over 20 years - I'm pretty sure she is the reason I don't have skin cancer from my careless youth ;) She (and her staff) always make me feel good when I am there and I get great results w everything I've tried (including fillers). Kathleen Welsh is a perfectionist and a true artist! Dr Welsh knows my style (she knows I don't want to look "over done") and gives (on request) great advice for what I really need (instead of what I thought I needed) often saving me $$. I trust her completely (based on 2 decades of stellar results)! I was introduced to Dr Welsh by a product rep friend (it's part of her job to know everybody in the industry) as a wonderful person and excellent doctor. I have always been glad of every visit! In response to another reviewer: a couple of times a few years ago I had waits of up to a half hour, but I always just guessed my doctor was giving someone else the precise meticulous care that she gives me. (There were a few prior visits that Dr Welsh spent extra time burning off my way-too-many pre-cancer spots; apologies if your wait was my fault!). Lately, I'm in and out before I can read a single magazine article. Recently I tried her cleansing pads while camping - who knew you could get refreshed glowing skin w/out water? I'm one of those people who breaks out if I miss cleansing morning or night, so these are little gems. Honestly, I cannot lavish enough praise on Dr Welsh (and her staff) for excellent care and great results! I'm pretty sure Dr Welsh really does love skin!"
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