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Full Face Antiaging Treatment with Fraxel Repair*

Procedure Details

This patient came to Bay Area Cosmetic Dermatology in search of non-invasive options to treat her wrinkles. After meeting with Dr. Hui Austin, she decided to have a full face Fraxel Repair treatment. She is thrilled with her results and we think you'll agree that her results are fabulous! The treatment provided all over facial rejuvenation. You would not necessarily know that she did anything or what she did, but she looks much fresher, younger, healthier, and less tired. This is because Fraxel Repair not only resurfaces skin - making wrinkles less deep and skin brighter - but it also stimulates collagen growth. So, as the skin heals from the procedure, it subtly lifts and tightens. At Bay Area Cosmetic Dermatology we have treated thousands of patients with Fraxel Repair - customizing each and every treatment to our individual patients needs. If you are considering laser resurfacing, call our office and schedule a consulation with the best!


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