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Whole Body Cryotherapy - San Francisco, CA*

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Long beloved by athletes for its restorative properties, whole body cryotherapy uses the power of intense cold to reinvigorate and energize your body. Our single-person cryotherapy chamber uses special technology to bathe you in icy cold liquid nitrogen for two to three minutes. Whole body cryotherapy is a safe and natural treatment.

The temperature inside the chamber is carefully and automatically regulated at all times, and your head rises above the heavier nitrogen vapors to allow you to breathe easy. Cryotherapy has its origins in Japan, where, in the 1970s, it was developed and refined to help alleviate some of the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. At The Body Clinic, our patients report that whole body cryotherapy helps relieve inflammation and pain in the body.


Most people are candidates for whole body cryotherapy. However, do not use cryotherapy if any of the following conditions apply to you: pregnancy, Raynaud’s disease, cold-activated asthma, pacemaker, uncontrolled high blood pressure, heart conditions, cold allergies, unfit for exercise, Pulmonary Vein Disorder (PVD), cancer (undergoing chemotherapy), hypotension, hypothyroidism. 


Prior to your whole body cryotherapy treatment, one of our medical professionals review your medical history and take your blood pressure to determine if you are able to safely undergo the treatment. We then will review and have you sign our informed consent form. Each session takes place in a “cryosauna” in a private treatment room in our San Francisco office. A robe, gloves, socks, and slippers will be provided for your comfort. Once you step inside the privacy of the cryosauna, you will be asked to disrobe. If you would like, you may chose to keep your undergarments on.

Each treatment lasts between two and three minutes and because the cold air is dry, not moist, patients find the treatment chilly but tolerable. Some patients report experiencing a brief sensation of “pins and needles” shortly before the treatment ends, but this dissipates quickly after exiting the sauna. Following cryotherapy treatments, many of our patients say they feel invigorated and energetic. Many also notice some of their everyday aches and pains have subsided.

You do not need to bathe before or after treatment, and you can get back to your normal activities immediately after your appointment is over.


There is no official regimen for cryotherapy. Some people opt for treatments on an as-needed basis, while others choose to set up regular appointments.

Are APPOINTMENTs necessary?

No appointment needed! Just pop in and chill out any week day anytime between 7:30 AM - 8:30 AM and 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM.


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If you haven’t tried it yet, we invite you to visit Bay Area Body, just down the hall from our main office in Suite 304, and try whole body cryotherapy during our office hours (listed above). Find out how invigorating it can feel to take a dip in our cryosauna today!

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