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Since 2009 Dr. Kathleen Welsh and Body Clinic practice manager, Roxanne Krempa, have been the leaders in non-invasive body sculpting in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Dr. Welsh has lent her expertise to other leaders in the industry through trainings and lectures and has always been an innovator field becoming an early adopter of most of our technologies.

Roxanne Krempa has worked closely as an expert with both CoolSculpting and BTL. Her experience has led to education opportunities with both companies leading informational webinars and lectures.

Roxanne has been featured in a variety of publications and has provided editorial content featured in The Aesthetics Guide, a trusted resource physician’s across the country utilize.  Recently Roxanne was chosen as CoolSculpting’s Spotlight Practitioner and has been invited to teach during their master’s class at CoolSculpting University. Roxanne is also BTL’s Center of Excellence Advisor.

We know you have options when it comes to body sculpting providers, but you will not find any provider with more experience than our team.

Our Body Sculpting Specialists provide complimentary consultations and tailor your treatment plan to
address your needs with the fewest number of treatments and most aesthetically pleasing result.

When it comes to your body, experience and expertise matter.

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