Aug 21

Massage Improves CoolSculpting Results by 68%!

In a single-center study, Vancouver B.C. area dermatologist Dr. Gerald Boey found that performing manual massage to the abdominal area following a Coolsculpting treatment (cryolipolysis) led to more fat reduction than treatments without manual massage. Massage was performed on one randomly selected side of the abdomen immediately following treatment of the entire lower abdomen in 10 patients. The massage was performed for 1 minute using a vigorous kneading motion, followed for 1 minute of using a circular motion with the pads of the fingers. The outcomes were compared using photos that were taken the day of treatment and at the 2- month follow up. Noticeable improvement was noted on both sides of the abdomen, but greater fat loss was seen on the massaged side in all patients. An ultrasound measurement confirmed that fat on the massaged area was reduced by 68% more, than on the side without manual massage. Why does massage help? One possible explanation is that manipulating the fat when it is in the frozen or crystalline state may cause accelerated tissue damage in fat cells. What we do know for sure is that massage is a safe and effective way to further reduce the fat layer following a Coolsculpting treatment.